[NEWS] Hyori, the CF queen


Recenty, advertising company in South Korea has released a list of artists who have the most numbers of ads in the past six years. According to the list, we can see that the queen of kpop Lee Hyori is always in the center of the list within 6 years, she has always been in the TOP 5, this demonstrates that ”the Hyori’s effect”’ has not decreased but increased highly in the recent years .

by ashlee1110 l HyoleeSubs.wordpress.com

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  1. no doubt

  2. Hey ! Tt’s good news for her. im happy. u knw, this looks like receiving a result slip aftr tedious exams. hehe. And she SCORE !!!! 😀 She dominates the CF charts over the years. *claps* YeaH! Pretty consistent falling in the TOP 5. Way to Go! 😉 Love ya, Hyolee ~ XOXOX

  3. Hyori GO Girl

  4. I knew that hyori was one of the artists who has the most CF, but kim tae hee, jun ji hyun always got the CF queen title.
    that is why i was surprised when i saw her name in TOP 5 over the years, even kim tae hee is famous but she is akways on TOP, haha

    • yes, ashlee1110. i agree with ya too. im quite surprise actually & am overjoyed to knw abt this. The saying holds true, tt ‘all hard work pays off eventually’. Its an outstanding acheivement, for her. I LOVE Hyolee. Keep workin’ it BABY ! 😉

  5. that is true….
    I agree …..very agree…
    Hyori is the queen…
    love Hyori…

  6. Absolutely!! My Hyori is the real queen of KPOP and always be the most popular. I love Hyori….

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