[Video][Engsub] Hyori’s 2nd album Dark Angel Interview 060215

–Dark Angel–

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  1. Thnks for the vid.

    Oh! i totally agree with her on this quote, “But the sexy feeling is exuded from the individual’s own character and personality.” 😉 Yepp ~ U-Go-Girl! She definitely has tt charisma. And…i cracked up when she joked abt eating digestive medicine wld help “digest” all the dance moves. *giggles* Oh~ my ~~ Hyolee is humourous. tt’s wht i like abt her too. ❤ 😀

    Over the years since her debut, she has level up a notch, nailing stage presence, vocally & always comes back with a diff style evrytime, jus like a chameleon.Tt's a plus point for a diva to be versatile & to live it up to compete commercially. *Claps* *Claps* 🙂 Keep workin' it, Hyolee. Supportin ya always.

    Its been 3 yrs since 'Get Ya'. She has indeed captured our hearts and yes~ best wishes for another breakthrough!!! Lovin' Hyolee ~~ XOXOX

  2. thanks sky , thanks ash for the subs

  3. Thanks for sub too 😀

  4. Hyori + Boom = hilarious! =))
    I love this interview! very comfortable! 🙂

  5. LMAO poor Boom and his two charms. Hyori so funny and cute

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