[News] “Hyori Effect” Spreads

>> “Hyori Effect” Spreads to Soju Sales<<

:: Oct 15, 2009 ::

Although the market for soju hasn’t been the best lately, because of Hyori Lee, Choem Choreom Soju has stood out in the pack again.

According to statistics of alcohol production in August, Choem Choreom Soju’s production is steadily increasing. This year, their production has soared past 13%, increasing by 4% from last year. From January to August of this year, they have sold 9,326,000 boxes of soju.

Choem Choreom Soju’s popularity is largely attributed to their spokesperson, Hyori Lee. Ever since 2007, Hyori has been the spokesperson for Choem Choreom Soju and no other soju spokepersons have lasted longer.

The soju spokespersons are constantly changing, but Hyori has stayed and maintained her popularity with soju-drinkers.

Many have claimed that Hyori’s sexiness and straight-forwardness in ‘Family Outing’ are ideal traits for endorsing soju.

Competing soju brands have used Son Dambi, Shin Minah, Baek Jiyoung and other top female celebrities but none have surpassed Hyori in popularity.

In September, Cool Beverages, the company in charge of Choem Choreom Soju, conducted a survey and asked consumers, “Which soju advertisement comes to mind first?” Hyori came in first with 54% and subtracting the 34% that answered “No one,” Hyori pretty much took a majority of the votes.

A representative of Choem Choreom Soju said, “In this time period’s Choem Choreom Soju advertisement, Hyori’s music and dance led to very good results,” and “Not only did Hyori break the record for longest soju endorsement, but she also brought excellent marketing results.”

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

9 Responses

  1. Why they change her???????

  2. I think its still her? someone said something about UEE being another spokesperson.

  3. It sure don’t sound like it would be smart for chum churum to switch models, but I already see UEE in 2 new Chum churum cfs on youtube. (she sucks in it btw..not even cute or playful…she’s got nothing on hyori’s soju cfs ! )

  4. Hyori is the best model for anything! She’s a powehouse when it comes to selling!

  5. i believe the company is trying to test the waters by changing to another endorser. we’ll hav to wait and see how things comes along. But i am sure Hyolee effect will still be the BEST ! Fighting!!! 😀

  6. makes me wanna drink hyori!…oopsss..not hyori,hyori soju!!!

  7. this is awesome!! ^0^ hyori’s effect!!! ♥

    i saw that too! i cant stand that girl,UEE,she’s got no charisma and is so stiff on stage,always the same ,expressionless look on her face X__X

    Hyori rocks!

  8. Hyolee is the best!! Fighting!!

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