[PIC] Family Outing, Behind the scenes [7P]

~~Lee Seung Chul’s eps~~




14 Responses

  1. dara will be with FO after this ?

  2. kekekeke… someone covered the resident’s face with cute smileys. 😛 hehe.. Spotted Hyolee with her “killerHills” there. 😉 Oooooolalaa~~~

    • ummm.. is tt her “killerhills” ?? -_- oops. i was too excited to see the recent Hyolee there. 😀 *bounce* *bounce*

      • I thought they were her sneakers? ”killerhills= killer heels right?

        btw hyori in hanbokkkkkkkkk?
        this ep look so good, like the fiming of a Movie, hahahaha so funny, hahaha.
        they were in hanbok and seems like that is very old korean house?

    • what is a killerhills??

      • “Killer heels” is just a term to describe high heels; usually used for really high heels. Lol, does that make sense?

  3. this episode loooks cool, hanbok and all. ❤

  4. This episode is gonna be interesting! LOL.

  5. yychyy….lol you got us talking with your killerHills….sounds like the title of a horror movies 😀

    Ahhh man…so there’s this outing before Dara comes on…oh wells hope it’ll be fun outing too

  6. @ashlee10111: Yo ! Thanks ! yea~ i meant “KiLLer HeeLs” . Thats right. 😉 uh huh, i do see her in hanbok. Perhaps they are filming a parody/ mini skit? *giggles* Glad Hyolee is enjoying F.O.

    @aska : hahah… Halloweeen is coming up soon~ ~ those “killerhills” (Killer heels) wld b soooo horrific to wear them. 😀 keekek.

  7. hold on! how come I have never heard about Lee Seung Chul as a guest on FO? =”= so what about Jang Geun Suk? He won’t be on FO? awwww >”< so confused! anyone explain to me pls?

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