[Video] Family Outing ep 68- Hyori’s cuts


  • Cutie Hyori on the bus
  • Battle of the Queen round 1
  • DaeRi 1/2
  • DaeRi 2/2
  • Hyori’s Aego
  • Hyori vs Ha Ji won’s cuteness
  • Preview ep 69

*Cutie Hyori on the bus*

*Battle of the Queen round 1*

*DaeRI 1/2*

*DaeRi 2/2*

*Hyori’s Aegyo*

*Hyori vs Ha Ji Won’s cuteness at Dinner*

*Preview ep 69*

Thanks to calol

5 Responses

  1. hyori is so funny….
    I about to die because of laugh

  2. hahaha hyori is so funny!<3

  3. Yeeeaaaaaahh ~~*Grooving together* a whole lot of fun going on on family outing. 😀 ehehehe~~~

    As always, Hyolee radiates goodness & positive energy. tt’s all i can say & tt’s y i Love her ~~~ <3:)

  4. LOL haha, I look forward to this ep being subbed woot woot. 🙂

  5. OMG I love them both. This was so funny.

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