[HR’ Talk] RUN dedicates song to Hyori?

Couple days ago, new solo artist named RUN released his debut-album as well as his MV for his title-song,She’s Strong.” Recently, it has been revealed that his title-song was dedicated to famous diva queen Lee Hyori!

Well not really “dedicated,” but more like Lee Hyori being a model for this song.

LOEN Entertainment‘s representative stated, “Won Tae Yeon, who wrote the lyrics, is a fan of Lee Hyori. It has been told that he wrote the lyrics because when he first heard the guide song, it reminded him of Lee Hyori’s fascinating, strong attractions. … The producer strongly recommended his lyrics because it matched the atmosphere of the song, as it was unique.

The title-song’s lyrics is about a deep love relationship between two lovers. In this case, you can guess that it expresses Won Tae Yeon’s love of Lee Hyori.

“She’s Strong” recently received more attentions of netizens as it was the BGM (Background Music) of SBSFamily Outing.” Coincidently, Lee Hyori is a cast of Family Outing, so this started a rumor that Lee Hyori asked the production team to make this song her theme-song. “She’s Strong” revealed Lee Hyori’s strong character effectively as it was played on the preview of episode 68, in the part where Lee Hyori was seen wrestling with actress Ha Ji Won.

Preview of Family Outing Episode 68. “She’s Strong” starts playing around 16 second mark

“She’s Strong” MV

cr: mardirock

credit: maestro-J@allkpop

5 Responses

  1. interesting videos

  2. Wooohoo~ *whistles* she’s one lucky lucky lady on earth. Yet another confession frm her admirers.
    Lovely !! I like the catchy chorus~

    And right on, Hyolee is STRONG !! 😉 Oh yea ~ She IS !! Stay Strong !!! FIGHTING !!

  3. Lucky Hyori! I would die if RUN were to sing a song for/about me. xP

  4. Hmm!!! *Stomps* i can’t jus keep silent abt this…it disturbed me even aftr reading the article. For whoever the culprit is starting the rumour, to tt “anti”, get a life !! :@ grrrrrr~ BOOshoot!!

    I believe Hyolee isn’t tt sort of person, or she might jus b jokin abt it as a theme song but we all knw the media twist & turn/exaggerate things.

  5. I hope the songwriter get opportunity to work with hyori…

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