My Korean Life…

Hi guyzz! ^^ Long time no talk! Some of you may know me I’m Startoxic one of the admin of this blog and I decided to write an article to give you some news about me since I don’t have time anymore to chat. But I noticed that nobody chats like we used to nowadays… Anyways, a few of you might know but I’m currently staying in Seoul for 1 year as an exchange student and trust me this is one wonderful experience.

Being a Kpop lover this place is the best place to be, spazzing on your favorite idols every second and getting all kind of goodies. ^^ I see Hyori everywhere everyday, she is THE cf queen so her ads are everywhere. I want to take a picture of each ad she appears on but it’s kinda weird doing it on the street or subway in the middle of Korean that are used to this so I restrain myself and just admire it quietly. hehe

The only picture I could take was an ad in the subway at midnight when I was coming back home and there was nobody in the station:


I was so sad that she wasn’t the model for Soju anymore because I still see a lot of her posters stick to the wall in the street around bars and stores. Now that UEE is the new face, they are starting to put hers on the street instead of our Hyori…

A few days ago I was shopping in Dongdaemun and there was a Guess store in the mall, of course there were big posters of Hyori and  there was a pamplet with only Hyori pictures in it. I took it of course I the pictures are so beautiful… The pamplet is big and nice, I was so happy having it for free… This things only can happen in Seoul. xp

You’ve probably already seen the pictures of the photoshoot but I’m still posting some to show you how nice the thing is…



And something unrelated to Hyori but today I had chicken for dinner at a restaurant endorsed by SNSD and there I could take posters of them. How cool is that! Moreover, you should have heard about the new boy band MBlaq trained by Rain, right? In order to promote them they stuck a lot of their posters on the street and of course I couldn’t resist to steal one! haha



That’s it for today! It”s already 2am here so don’t pay attention to my writing skills… T__T

Keep supporting HLS and I apologize for putting OTR on hold since I don’t have time for translating nowadays… I hope you guys will be patient.




13 Responses

  1. ohhh…..i want that phamplet too….TT^TT

    and thank you Startoxic for posting this up for us to read….i really appreciate it…
    thank you for your hard work and everything….

    i will support HLS the best i could…

    love and support Hyori always….

  2. I just can support HLS with posting comment…huhu4x..if I want to become exchange student, I have to extend my studies but I got scolarship for my studies.I hope I can work with korean company. My sister works with Canon, so she can travels to Japan…Wish for me

  3. Looks like you having loads of fun there 😛

  4. omo i want to live in korea too
    or be an exchange student?? hehe but i think my parents dont let me be ,lol
    anw korea is so cool
    alice fighting

  5. oh star… we miss you… i remember every time i log in here, your name always on chatbox… take care of yourself…. fighting…

  6. ^____^Hello S!Glad to hear from you! we miss you on here! Im glad you’re okay,let’s find some time to chat with all the hyogangz!♥

    Enjoy your stay there,take care of yourself and remember to find us some good looking hubbies XD

  7. Hey ~ startoxic. oh wow !! Happy stay in Seoul and thnks for letting us knw whtz happenin there. i totally understand the urge to take pictures of hyolee ads on the streets but too shy getting the glares frm passer-bys. 😉 heheh~

    Still, nice to meet another Hyolee fan here. thnks for all the hard work. 😀

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures 🙂 I look forward for more updates 😀

  9. Oh coool….i want that pamplet too.
    Hey is it safe to be out in the subways round midnight over there? Hope you weren’t alone Alice.

    Lol don’t be shy…just snap those pics and run away rubbing your camera while mumbling Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori repeatedly!!!
    That’s how i would act 😆

  10. hahahaah ~~ HyoriHyoriHyoriHyori.. sounds like a chant. oh well hope it works !! haahahha ~~~ 😀

  11. I wish I can visit korea…
    and meet Hyori…

  12. Just back from Korea but have a short time in dongdaemoon and haven’t seen or get that phamplet.

  13. I living in Korean for longgg times~~
    our Hyori JJ is the best for ever~~~

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