[News] Hyori School Photo Revealed!

>> Photo from Hyori’s Past Revealed!<<

:: Oct 23, 2009 ::


Can you tell which is Hyori?

A photo of Lee Hyori with short hair during middle school has been revealed on the October 23 broadcast of MBC every1’s “STAR the Secret.”

According to the broadcast, the photo was taken when Hyori was in the second semester of her 3rd year in middle school. She transferred from another school in the first semester. Hyori’s classmates from middle school recall, “She went behind the teacher’s back to sing at noraebang and spent lunch and break time dancing.”

She then went on to high school where she transferred yet again in the second semester. Her frequent transfers caused a lot of concern.

“STAR the Secret” is a variety show that researches South Korean TOP Stars’ pasts and reveals never disclosed photos and truths. It is a reality show that follows the past of celebrities.

The story of how Hyori became a Fin.K.L member and other interesting tidbits will be broadcasted on October 23, at 12:30am.

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

9 Responses

  1. thanks forgotten for translation… expect for more featured hyori on tv because of her long waited comeback…. =D

  2. I am waiting for the video
    I feel like Fin.K.L will reunion soon

  3. “She went behind the teacher’s back to sing at noraebang and spent lunch and break time dancing.”

    HAHAHAHAH Hyori was even a rebel back then. lol

    She still has the same facial features, but she has lost a lot of weight since then, or she grew well into her body shape she has now.

    I really hope he hair was in a ponytail and not cut in that pic.

  4. She is the same back there…I hope i can grow up like her

  5. Is it the one at the top left or the one beside her..hmm i can’t tell XD

  6. Haha, I see her ^^. She still looks the same xD

  7. hey ~ ive seen this photo b4 .. jus 1 day ago. and i cld identify she’s the one. For those who still can’t. ok. i’ll tell ya she’s @ the back row, with the ‘sesame head’ :lol:, head tilting to one side, left hand stuffed in her jean pocket.

    Ohh well, initially, i cld’nt believe my eyes. but then evry1 has a past. don’t b afraid. wht’s past is past. Now, hyolee is a beauty. Jus.. like ugly duckling story, if i cld say. heheh 😉 Love her still. ❤

    • LOL, to answer your question why i always laugh at your comment cause it’s funny, LOL
      like i said i love reading comments, you comment so many things in one comment, haha

      btw she was a cute kid, but now she lost her baby fat and become more beautiful.

      • 🙂 appreciated the reply.

        hahaha ~~ Hyolee is too thin these days. She shld shape up(tone up her abs) & get some baby fat back too. Wanna see a Healthier Hyolee 😀

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