[News] “If Hyori were a man, I would marry her”

>> Confessions of Hyori’s Best Friend<<

:: Oct 19, 2009 ::


An interview with Ahn Ji Hye.

“I still feel like we should ask more questions about Hyori.”

“It’s okay. Go ahead.”

Ahn Ji Hye’s cool and frankness is her specialty and attraction. Juxtaposed with Hyori’s charm, the pair’s friendship gives off a “That’s why they’re friends” vibe.

Although she is an actress and even went to Russia to perform, she is only known as “Hyori’s friend” when “Hyori’s Off the Record” was broadcasted.

She might be disappointed but she remains committed to her acting career. Though she sees her peer reaching peaks of popularity, she does not feel pressured. To Ji Hye, Hyori may be her soulmate.

When speaking about Hyori, her expression is always bright. It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt more like a casual conversation about a friend’s story.

“Her acting? As an actress myself, her acting is really hard to endure. But that’s just because her role didn’t suit her.” Her comments were harsh, and yet, they show compassion.

Hyori and Ji Hye‘s friendship is as common as any other. They care for each other, but living as celebrities makes their lives look glamorous even though it is quite lonely. As long as she has someone to accompany her on this long road, Ji Hye feels like a “lucky actress.”

Q: Are you disappointed that you’re not being known for your acting skills, but rather for being Hyori‘s friend?
A: I act in plays and I do independent films, so I don’t regret that the public doesn’t know that much about me. Whether it is “actress Ahn Ji Hye” or “Hyori‘s friend Ahn Ji Hye,” they’re both me and there’s no reason to separate the two.

Q: Those modifiers seem to give you a mystery feeling, like “How is Hyori‘s friend actually like?”
A: Really? That’s a good thing for me. (Laughs.) I actually didn’t know that I’m labeled as Hyori‘s friend. I just went on “Off the Record” once and did a photoshoot with her. It’s a bit embarrassing to say that I’m a mystery. If I knew that I was going to come off like that, I would’ve made myself look prettier when I was recording. Too bad. (Laughs.)

Q: When did you meet this friend?
A: I met her in the first year of college. We were both in the acting department. It’s been 10 years already.

Q: Do you guys have any intimate moments?
A: Intimate moments are an exaggeration. We were really compatible friends. We like the same things, our interests are similar, style, too. But the most important thing is that we live close to each other. We’re practically neighbors.

Q: Your friendship isn’t any different from other friendships?
A: Friendship is not going to change just because one is a top star. To me, friendship happens when we first meet.

Q: When you’re together, what do you guys do?

A: We stay home. We watch movies, read books, listen to music. We both like to raise kittens so we like cat-watching. She likes to cook, I like to clean. When we’re together, I feel really comfortable. If she were a man, we probably would’ve gotten married.

Q: You guys seem even sillier than I expected.
A: It’s not like we don’t do anything when we get together. Recently, I started liking “Hula.” But I like to compare our appearances. I always lose, though. I’m thinking about giving up. (Laughs.)

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

15 Responses

  1. awww thats cute

  2. omo so cute, ahn ji hye im so jealous of you
    but…please stay by hyori’s side, and stay as her best friend forever, dont leave her.

  3. cool seems like theres more and more news about hyori coming out now, can’t wait for her comeback!

  4. hyori is lucky to find such an honest friend like ahn ji hye. Btw when will OTR 11 be out? I’m dying here to see more hyori..^^

  5. ❤ I do see lots of warmth in their 10 yr friendship and Hyolee has to improve her acting skills (as commented). 😀 heehhee~

    Wished Hyolee was my soulmate too. ❤

    Thnks so much, forgotten620.

  6. Ahn Ji Hye is such a good friend to Hyori. Their friendship is so genuine and sincere.

    Is this interview recent? She said she is still Hyori’s neighbor but didn’t Hyori move house like 3 times since OTR? AJH moves with her? *confused*

  7. oshit i love thier relationship..hyol with jihye since OTR.. jihye is one her best friend ever.. she always there when our w. feel lonely

    haha ‘She likes to cook, I like to clean’ LOL true!

    ‘When we’re together, I feel really comfortable. If she were a man, we probably would’ve gotten married.’

    go go jihye!! go marry her o.o!!! Ji-hyol<3 LOL
    alice,, maybe she move too? move to takecare hyol oops! wherever hyori go.. jihye go :P.. dang~ me sound les-b ..hmmm jihye also seem very rich!! 🙂

    Ps. love hyol but i love forgotten too thank you ^_^

  8. Bahaha, aww 🙂 That’s so cute!

  9. Wished i was Ji Hye….she’s a sweetie. I happy Hyori has someone like Ji Hye around….i’m always worried unnie is too lonely.

    “If she were a man, we probably would’ve gotten married.”
    LOL :mrgreen: (oh yeaaa..new smiley skillz…thx yycyhyy 😉 )

    THX forgotten620 for translating everything…you’re <33333

  10. most welcome Aska. 🙂 u knw … i think “off-camera”, hyolee has tons of friends for her. offline/online. Jus, she has to watch the paparazzis arnd. (!)

    • hey yycyhyy, you seem to know a lot about hyori, hehe

      btw if i were a guy i would go cray, crushing on her too, wanted to marry her and things
      even i’m a girl but i do have a girl crush on her.
      i want to be her friend, or i want her to be my sis, omo she is so sweet, i want hyori unnie
      ji hye seems funny and nice on off the rec too.

      • ashlee1110 hey back @ ya !! 😀 yes.. ive been a fan of hyolee for 3+ yrs now. im a devotee. haha. Oh well my comments were jus practical. i jus wrote it tt way.don’t think too deep. heeehee ~~

  11. Love their friendship…just like when she accompanied hyori shopping at 2 am

  12. awwww….i’m jealouse of Ahn Ji Hye…
    I really want to be someone that Hyori can share her hard time with..
    but i don’t think that day will ever come though…hahaha..
    just a little wish in my life…to be the sadness absorber for Hyori….kekeke

  13. please continue being a good friend to hyori…she seems lonely without much friends nor a boyfriend, hopefully she can at least depend on jihye.

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