[News] Why did Hyori graduate after 8 years?

>> Reason of Prolonged Graduation Revealed<<

:: Oct 21, 2009 ::


It took Hyori eight years to graduate college. And now, the reason is revealed.

On the 23rd, MBC every1’s “STAR the Secret” will broadcast why it took such a long time for Hyori to become a graduate of Kookmin University.

Before Fin.K.L debuted, Hyori passed the test that only accepted 40 out of 2600 people that applied. With a ratio of 65:1, Hyori successfully entered the performing arts department of Kookmin University. Hyori’s 3rd year high school teacher said, “At first, it was harder for her to get into schools in Seoul, but her grades improved in the second semester.”

Hyori entered Kookmin in 1998. At the same time, pre-Fin.K.L Hyori was a chubby college student. She was a popular worker in the student’s cafeteria. At the time, she asked her professors for advice before appearing in SBS “Three Leaf Clover.”

However, the professor said, “Hyori’s mom came to look for the principal so that Hyori can have a smooth graduation process. She didn’t want her to stay in a state of failing. Finally, in the eighth year, she graduated.”

Translation: forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

27 Responses

  1. I hope I don’t take that long

  2. yeah~ considering the fact its really hard juggling work & schl all @ the same time. Hyolee FIGHTING !!!! 😉

  3. well because of the fact that she was in the entertainment school and part of finkl at the time , i guess 8 years isnt that bad, she was probably like a part time student ^_^

  4. oh i admire her…

  5. that actually sounds encouraging! I didn’t even know she was still in school and she already seems so busy with her schedule. Congrats to her!!

  6. omo….that’s new show, cannot wait.really..
    the shows reveal everything that we dont know before about hyori..so curious..^.^

  7. lol didn’t know she completed uni

    • she’s takin her Masters now @ Kyung Hee University, one of the top 300 in the world. Impressive, huh ? Lovely smart Hyolee !! 😉

      • i just wasted 20mins of my life looking for my Uni on that list…I thought mine’s was better than a few of those U.S. ones.
        Guess not…i want a refund 😦

  8. Oops ! its top 400 ! 🙄 Check it out here @ http://www.topuniversities.com/university/330/kyung-hee-university

  9. Wow 8 years, just shows how dedicated Hyori is/was towards her studies, despite her hectic schedule.

  10. Good for her…proud that’s she’s still trying to get educated even she’s already successful in everything.

    I remember somewhere she said all the guys in her Master’s course kept asking her to go out drinking with them..lol

    WIsh i was her classmate. Daydream in class all day 😀

    • i bet with her love for alcohol & friendly nature, she had a few rounds with them 😉 right ? heheheheh~
      ive heard she’s one heavy drinker. 😈 But overindulgence is not too gd. i drink shandy instead, lower concentration of alcohol. The key to health is still, moderation. So…i was researching up abt alcohol’s effects on the body. ❗ Pretty surprisin results here:

      hmmm…tt aside, i wonder how tipsy hyolee behaves ? 😳 Anyone ? i look forward to hear abt it all. 🙄

      btw, where’s the *somewhere u were referrin to ??

      • tipsy hyori probably goes la la la la la dancing around shaking her butt in the streets…..wait that’s actually Kara’s song 😀

        *somewhere*..ok i remember now…it was onstage at that concert at Kyung Hee University for the all the students during the summer…along with Rain, Son Dam Bi, Afterschool..etc
        Hyori was just standing onstage retelling her experience there in between performing her songs or something……

  11. @aska: Look ! even if u’re not studying in the best univ, u cld still excel and do well in life. it all depends on hard work+fate+luck. 🙂

    • i think i’m only allow one of those 3 choices….i’ll take luck FTW 😀

      • there might b more than 3 choices, aska. Opportunities is one of them. 🙂 heheh.

        With regards to the *somewhere* hehehhh. 😉 Thnks for the recap. Were u there, live hearing hyolee retelling? 🙄 i wish i was there. heeheeh.

        Anyways, thnks so much for the “insiders”.

      • aska !!! *buzz* it jus came to mind there was actually 1 scene on Off.The.Rec, where hyolee was pretty drunk after her farewell party for her close friend. i think its eps 3. yep. hahaha ~~ i still rmbrd.
        Jus like u mentioned, she was tipsily singing, and certainly she unveils the more carefree side of her. Vry cute. heheehehhh 😆 ❤ I Love hyolee still. XOXO 😳

  12. I do not know she is taking master now…Where can I find article about that?

  13. @ashlee1110: Oh ! So u mean she has officially completed her masters & graduated? im not aware abt those.
    Congrats to her. *claps* tt’s certainly gd news.

    Thnks for the updates!!

    • yeah, I thought she already has completed her masters. she is officially a graduated student now, and she took her master at KyungHee, gosh i’m so pround of her.

      • so are all of us here on this fansite tooo 😀 😀 😀 😀 woooooohhhhh ~~~ HYOLEE, AJA !

  14. thanks yycyhyy for the article

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