[PIC] GUESS ‘RED New HOT Sexy Line’ (5P)

11 Responses

  1. sexy, beautiful, cute is lee hyori……..
    there is no news about her album…..

  2. Awkward pose on the 1 st pic but still nice shot. ^^

  3. she’s so sexy and cute
    luv Hyori the most and always will…..

  4. her legs are too wide open in the 1st pic and she doesn’t look comfortable. make the pose looks awkward. OMG the 2nd pic hot2..always love hyori in short skirt

  5. Keke4x…I was laughing with the 1st pic..I love the 3rd pic

  6. hehe the 1st pic, they should fire the photographer, hehe ,lol
    but the 2nd and 3rd pics are hot, i love the 3rd pic

  7. Diva ~ Divalicious !!!! COOL ~ 8)

  8. The first pic was a fair bit disturbing… but she still did look gorgeous in that shot.

  9. Great photo…..
    love it…

  10. sexy very sexy and beautiful

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