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  1. arrghhh noo..da 2nd pic makes her look aged.anyway still cute and adorable as always.

  2. the first picture is really cute with the Santa hat…

    love her more each day!

  3. I don’t mind with her aging nowadays. Love her pic without much photoshop

  4. yeah. i see wrinkles here and there. but they r beautiful aging.

    hmmm…does any1 knws if hyolee smokes? i think Ahn Ji Hye(her best friend does). Smoking will speed up the aging process+detrimental for health. Harsh reality but true. 😉

    • NO she doesnt smoke, if you watch off the rec, she said to the doc, i dont smoke but i drink a lot.
      haha drink is ok to my baby, i drink when i go out too, but not too much hyori, please, take care of yourself please.

      i know, smoke is not healthy, and i think hyori is smart enought to know that, hehe( she doesnt smoke baby) LOL, just happy with that fact

  5. I like the 1st picture too ~~reminds me xmas is on its way in abt 2 mnths time. sleigh bells ring r u listening… lalala ~~ haahaha~~
    Santarina Hyolee, U’re loved. 🙄 ❤

  6. she’s got those wrinkles on her right eyes since forever…but no worries she’s always my cutie

    I don’t think Hyori smokes….at least i sure hope not….i’m anti smoking 🙂

  7. so cute

  8. cute side of hyori ^_^ wawww~

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