[PIC] Hyori – Mnet Superstar K (15P)


14 Responses

  1. always pretty

  2. wow… beautiful… as always…

  3. noona so pretty…but shes serious all the time on superstar k..i prefer the laughing noona..with gum showing..keke

  4. Hyori is always looking so lovely. I LOVE her ! 😀 XOXO

  5. wao she is so charismastic and beautiful on the 1st pic!

  6. So fierce and stunning when she’s not smiling.
    I’ll get weak in the knees if she gazes at me like those pics ^_^

  7. thank you so muchh…so wonderful..^^

  8. OMG Hyori is totally flawless. Just beautiful.

  9. Beautiful, like always.

    She doesn’t seem to be flawless, does she? xD

  10. i love the first and the third pic so much!!!
    she just look so goooood in every move…
    thank you for uploading it!

  11. i watched this ep live, the final
    i thought i didnt like her style that day
    but the pics came out so nice
    she looks so good in those pics, lol

  12. Hyolee is Photogenic !!! 😉

  13. love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is lovely

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