[CAP/GIF] Hyori – Daewoo CF (5G/1P)

LOVE this one.. chic chic no ‘sick’ 😛 pls  keke



10 Responses

  1. Hyolee is becoming a fashionista~ Or in my opinion, a fashion Star for sure. Pretty Pretty Sexy Princess. I love her eye shadows up there. ❤ They are HOT !!!! She's sssSmokin' HOT !

    hmmmm ~ seems like evry take is suppose to create a magazine impression. have not come across this advertisement style before. Fresh & Vry COOL ! 8)

  2. Thnks Barbie for the uploads !! 😀

  3. Love her body…not so thin likes idols nowadays
    tq barbie for the uploads
    don’t have opportunity to watch the cf yet because my uni block youtube

  4. she looks jz great 2 me…how come she has so many styles to choose from??..it surprises me how evry photoshoot,she looks so different from who she really is…then wen i go watch FO right after..i smile unknowingly wen she is dorkable hyori!

  5. on the first gif, i like how she pulled her lips

  6. i love the 1st gif
    oh my fashionista my queen, love her so much

  7. Just download the cf from maclamkhue blog
    she looks gorgeous as always…

  8. Hyori is gorgeous!! she’s such an inspiration for fashion!

    i love this cf! so “high class lady everyday” XD

    thanks for the pix B!

  9. Original of Hyori…
    always make me surprised to see her….

  10. wow very nice

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