[HR’ Talk] Sandara (2NE1) Love Fin.K.L?

Dara is Fin.K.L Fan =D…

Ye~ cant wait for FO ep.Dara & who?!! Oh~Ms.everywhere 😛

DVD.. /Pics

and this one is cute ..keke

C: hyolee79

6 Responses

  1. dara said after recording FO “im a big fan of hyori unni”

    WOWW ! i cant wait for it ! dara vs madam lee !

  2. There we have it! A decade goes by creating the Hyolee effect !!!! 😀 i can’t wait for F.O too.

    PS: I love Hyolee tooooooo ~ 🙄 ❤

  3. awww dara & bom both have good taste!

    haha yeah i remember dara saying earlier on that she likes hyori too already ❤ can't wait to see her on FO!

  4. haha this is soo cute xD

  5. Dara sure knows music ^___^ she is entertaining and i cant wait to watch that episode of FO! i know Hyori loves 2NE1 and she’s been really caring to YG artists,like Big Bang,Daesung…

    Dara and Hyo will make such an epic duet on the show! XD driving them all crazy!

    I cant wait!

  6. Yo…! Go gi..rl

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