[HR’ Talk] Sandara (2NE1) Love Fin.K.L?

Dara is Fin.K.L Fan =D…

Ye~ cant wait for FO ep.Dara & who?!! Oh~Ms.everywhere😛

DVD.. /Pics

and this one is cute ..keke

C: hyolee79

6 Responses

  1. dara said after recording FO “im a big fan of hyori unni”

    WOWW ! i cant wait for it ! dara vs madam lee !

  2. There we have it! A decade goes by creating the Hyolee effect !!!!😀 i can’t wait for F.O too.

    PS: I love Hyolee tooooooo ~🙄❤

  3. awww dara & bom both have good taste!

    haha yeah i remember dara saying earlier on that she likes hyori too already❤ can't wait to see her on FO!

  4. haha this is soo cute xD

  5. Dara sure knows music ^___^ she is entertaining and i cant wait to watch that episode of FO! i know Hyori loves 2NE1 and she’s been really caring to YG artists,like Big Bang,Daesung…

    Dara and Hyo will make such an epic duet on the show!😄 driving them all crazy!

    I cant wait!

  6. Yo…! Go gi..rl

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