[Video] MBC Every1 – Star the secret ‘Lee Hyori’ (3V)


4 Responses

  1. hey hey HEY…bie,r we subbing this??i reli nid subs lol…keke

  2. I love Hyori ..I am her secret lover ..lol !!

  3. YES !!! Sensational Legend of HyOLee ~~~~ 😀 Yayyyyy ~~ *Claps*

    hahaah ~~ i see more of her childhood photos there. 😳 They r incredibly adorable. Look @ her chubby cheeks. awww ~~ baby fat. 🙄 kekekek…
    Adorable Hyolee, Aja AJA !! 😉

    Hey ~u knw, i started adoring hyolee through her 3 leaf clover drama. I love her always & will still keep on loving her. ❤ 😀

    PS: Kudos to MBC PD for featuring her on the program & Barbie for posting this up. Looking forward to the subs too. asap. thnks !

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