★ > GOOD BYE~~~ Hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


This Blog is CLOSED



From now on … Me and Aska won’t be able to devote all our time to this blog

So we want everyone to help Hyoleesubs…

…By… Support US , ACTIVE and JOIN here!


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hehehe ^_^

Welcome to new HyoleeSubs new site … Yeyy!!

Surprise~~~!! ? or not for some (- __-)

We’re not kidding…that we don’t have time.. really~~

If  a couple of us left or become busy.. this blog will die soon

since no one will be posting updates… and we don’t want you guys wait for only us to update.

…. This NEW site…even if we are not around.

Everyone can create new topics, you still can help spread lee hyori love and post updates you find yourself.

We hope everyone still support and love hyori.. please join and have fun there at the new site.

Even if our sub team seem to have all left…and made you all wait for late subbing..

we are really sorry.. i know you waited for CTP and OTR.

We want to be fast too… but we are now completely lacking  in translators and timers because they’re busy with school and stuffs.

But we will still use the ‘HyoleeSubs’  name for the new site,

even though we don’t know how much more Eng Subs we can work on.

It will be a site for all Hyori updates just like this wordpress blog.

HyoleeSubs is like a name of team to spread hyori love for international fans (sound cool? :P) haha

EVERYONE can join too.. please help us Spread Hyori love there and appreciate if you can help us subbing too.

KKK byebye… HyoleeSubs’ Blog love you..  you grew up now!


Please Register as a Member at the new site

and continue to support Hyori with your comments and questions there.

We will still try our best to bring you all the Latest & Greatest from our beloved Hyori, as much as time allows.

Please read the rules in ‘Announcementsection first… it might seem confusing at first but you will understand.


(If you use Internet Explorer, must be IE 8 to view new site)

**Best viewed with Firefox Browser**


93 Responses

  1. waaaahhhh…. im gonna miss this blog… but the new hyoleesubs fansite seems more exciting for me… really organized and we can discuss the topic individually…. bye bye wordpress, hello HyoleeSubs fansite -> http://www.hyoleesubs.com

  2. Maybe i should go live in forest alone by myself !!!
    i am too selfish ..and i cant live in society ..

  3. This modern world is too complicated and only for patient,smart and hard working people .

    Its much easier to live in nature or forest by yourself ..
    away from pressures or society /humanity ..

  4. I am selfish …what can i do ?

    only live in forest in hut by myself !!!!!

  5. I guess i am crazy …maybe i need help !!!
    i am to mental ….or nuts ..?.!!!

  6. Its hard to be a nut case in this harsh ,cruel world !!

    not many people care about us …LoL ..!!!

  7. the new fansite looks very good, but this fansite can never be forgotten,,
    hoping one day you guys (admin) can be active again 😀
    hello hyoleesubs see ya hyoleesubs.wordpress :-*

  8. Islets I am deleting all your comments! How dare you insult people that want just to improve the site! Barbie and Aska are closing this blog to open a NEW site. Ok you need to register so WHAT? It takes 30seconds and you have a better website! If you feel too lazy for it then don’t do it, nobody is forcing you to do it. People are providing you information and in exchange you just have to freakin’ register and still you aren’t satisfied. Life isn’t that easy! I can’t believe you’re throwing a fit here…. T____T

    I’m seriously upset about that! I hope you will calm down and think about your behavior and most importantly apologize to the people you insulted.

    And now I want to THANK all of you guys who are keeping this blog alive despite being busy with your own life. I love you and see you all at hyoleesubs.com!!!

  9. You guys scared me there…..but thank you all so much for your hard work!

  10. I love this site so much:) i’ll miss it.

  11. I am so excited with the new site….Thanks for your hardwork

  12. I am so excited with the new site….Thanks for your hardwork.
    I will miss this blog

  13. Sorry for being so rude to ya all !!!
    i apologize for my behalf ..Your new site looks great , but i dont understand why do we have to register for using forum there ?

    Have a good day folks !!!

  14. I apologize for being rude to you guys !!

    You have a great site .

    Have a good day or evening folks …

  15. we are all there but i cant help but visit this site once more…miss this already. anyway…MOVING ON!!!

  16. Hey’all Hyolee Luvers !!! Ive seen the new site. Way COOLER than this one. But still i will miss this place. <3Been living here for a while now & i like it here too. There's of course sentimental value to it. *sobs* 🙂 heheh
    Oh well~ i hope this site can be open to existing members who can drop in sometime to view the old posts & great works of hyolee. Wld appreciate tt. Thnk U Lots, hyoleesub.wordpress team ! ! ! U are awesome!

    OK ~ Ok ~ for all of us here Let's not get things in our way. Pack up & start shifting into our luxurious new home furnished with the most up-to-date modern interior decor( java script applications/html designs etc). Wooohoooohhh ~~~~ im so hyper. 🙄 LOL

    hmmm~~ Will there b a welcome party/tea reception for evryone or if not for old members?? (e.g. more exclusives of hyolee with password protection).
    hahaha…i was jus suggesting if there was any. 😉

    PS: Hyolee is moving in to her new home too. kekeke 😀
    Let's tidy up & move together ~ ~ ~

    • Oh sure…the blog will still be here..it won’t dissappear…..just dormant..gathering cyber dust. I still visit here first before the new site out of habit 😛

      Lol…I think we’ll start out by giving old active members like more “credits” and advance you one ranking level up…i want to give you guys like an ice cream award or something next to your avatar…but not sure if the powers that be can do that 😉

      Feel free to post anymore suggestions or any cool ideas in the Questions section ok 🙂

      • Okay~ ~O~o~Ok ! 🙄 (hums & prances to U-go-girl) hehehh ~~

        Appreciate the reply, Aska. Yea. i do drop by here out of habit today. i still miss this place tooo. And yes, im beginning to see “cyber dust” gathering here. i like the way u put it. really cute. haha. And u knw, its kinda’ creepy tooo. the atmosphere is soo so quiet. i cld hear the houseflies. kekekeek 😀 *giggles*

        Already, Cy’all there !

  17. aha…i know this is gonna be happened someday,
    because you are amazing guys and so smart…
    there is no international hyori fansite yet..
    and i’m so happy make this dream happened..
    and of course it’s worth it for our queen hyori..lol..^.^
    hyoleesubs jjang..!!

  18. I love the new site. it’s pretty, colorful, wonderland..hahahah! thanks Barbie n Aska…I’m gonna bookmark the new fansite..gonna have 2 say goodbye to this one =(

  19. omg I nearly fainted here LOL
    im so glad there is a fansite instead because im here so much

  20. I guess I’m one of the not surprised one…
    :D, and honestly I can say that the design of the new site is good.

    Who design and create that? 🙂

  21. sad to see the wordpress blog come to an end. i’ll definitely keep up with the new site though!

    thanks for all your hard work!

  22. wow…i really like this blog but thanks for the new website. :0) you guyz are the best….

  23. OMG…. I was shocked when I read the title…. But…. Now, i’m really raelly excitin’ to know the changes !!!!!!!! Thanks u guys so much for the best news ^^

  24. ^ ^ Thanks a lots for your work. So, good bye worldpress and “Hello Hyoleesubs” see ya there!!

  25. errrr 😦
    I was shocked 😦
    anyway, i still support you 😀

  26. lol you guys scared me!
    omg haha almost had a heart attack 😛
    support you guys all the day!

  27. oh maan…. its such a sad sad day for us all who loved Hyoleesubs. I know this day will eventually come and we have to move on. Then again this is for the good for all….. Hope the new site will be as good as this one.

    Hyoleesub Fighting!!

  28. WHAT!? The blog is closing down? Nooooooo!

    But I can understand the feeling not having time to post things. I haven’t posted that much on my blog(which is only a hobby of mine), so I know the feeling when life gets so busy…no time for fun.

  29. Lots of of guys write about this matter but you wrote down really true words.

  30. 7889.

  31. hhh88,

  32. jjjs

  33. I hope the best for you. It’s a shame that this blog will not be continued.

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