Hello everyone,

We got some feedback from some old members of this blog,who brought to our attention that they didn’t know we had closed this blog and moved to our own website and forums.I will give you some infos on how to follow us and get our subbed shows,updates..

In October 2009,we could no longer be satisfied with the organization of a blog as our team and members couldn’t fully interact,and since our fanbase got bigger,our admin,Barbie,decided that it was better for us all to move to a full community,with all the advantages attached to it,a website,gallery,media gallery,and most importantly forums.

So come and join us there if you haven’t!

Why forums?

Forums allow our team to interact better,our subbed shows are organized in a section when every member,new or old can check out our work and download our english subbed shows.

Members can also post news,updates and thus help us maintain the community alive as we all are busy with our student or working life.

Where to go?

To download Lee Hyori variety shows with english subs by Hyoleesubs here is how to proceed:

Go to http://www.Hyoleesubs.com

Go to “Community” and register for an account.

Then go to “Forums” and register for an account.

Please keep the same username for both the forums and the website,so we know who is who.

Our subs are absolutely free,and you only need an account to get access to them,no post limit.

Want more?

Follow Hyoleesubs :










We hope to see you there soon!

Hyoleesubs Staff


[Video][Eng Subbed] LeeSsang’s MV- feat. Hyori, Ryu Seung Beom

~~The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave~~

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Protected: [Download!] As Long As I Love You (HQ) + Original

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[AUDIO/DL] As Long As I Love You (Hyundai i30 CF’s Song)

As Long As I Love You

[Chinese Ver.]

Lee Hyori + Wilber Pan


It’s FULL Song but still not High Quality ..ok just wait official release (CD?) xD

COOL!!!!!!!!!! ><

[Download!] HYOLEE – OFF THE REC EP-10 {HyoleeSubs}

Eng Subbed

(Translated by Startoxic || Timer : xingyzheng || Editor : aska, Barbie1r)

340 MB


[CAP/DL] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.61 + Preview (9P)(1V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.61

(Aug 30, 2009)

pretty horselady…

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[Download!] HYOLEE – School Of Rock 2006 {HyoleeSubs}

Eng Subbed

(Translated by tripleleap || Timer :  xingyzheng || Editor : startoxic, Barbie1r)

395 MB