[HR’s Share] Let’s interview Hyori!

Guys, another goodies from the past of Hyori. HyoRi 이효리 interviewed with Kim Bum Suk at Jesnews in Korea. The in-depth interview took place at Hyolee’s 단골집 (which translates to a bar or restaurant she regularly goes to). Let’s check out her smart, funny and honest answers.

Q: Why do you prefer to live by yourself?
A: When i was young, i lived with my sisters sharing a small room behind my father’s barber shop. When i joined Finkl, i had to share rooms with Yuri, JuHyun and Jin, so having the freedom of my own room has always been a dream come true for me.

Q: Whe was the first time you had alcohol?
A: 3rd year in 서문여(im guessing this is Jr. High which here in the states would have made her an 8th grader or freshman in high school) we went behind the mall and had Lemon Soju.

Q: If you needed to talk to someone at 2am who would you call?
A: I would call Bronx or Peter Park in USA California.
Jk, I would call Ok Ju Hyun, Kim Jeh Dong or one of the SG Wannabe members. People in this industry quickly get aquainted yet quickly move on to someone else because we are all busy.

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[News]Hyori & Lee SeungGi moving into same building

Hyori & Lee Seung Gi to live in same apartment

Legendarily luxurious.  The talented singer and “Strong Heart” MC reportedly recently moved in to Seoul’s famed Brown Stone Apartments with his family, and they are living large!

The apartment complex is known for its high price and exclusivity, which draws in the rich and famous by the truckload. Not only is Lee Seung Gi taking up residence, but Lee Hyori is reported to be moving in soon as well.

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[Eng Trans] Message from mother of Ah Yoon-Ee about Hyori

It is a message from the mother of the little boy from Hyori’s latest Sunchang Sauce commercial which she posted at the popular portal site in Korea, daum.com in the main forums of what kind of person Hyori was during their shooting of the CF with her child. Here she excitedly posted:

The Mother of the New Hyori Sunchang Sauce CF Posting Here After Shooting!!!!!

Hello, I am the mother of Ah Yoon-ee, the child who got the opportunity to shoot a new CF with Lee Hyori~ I want to post that although Hyori obviously has a pretty face, that I’ve just gotten proof that she also has such a sweet heart~ She was so caring and doted my child and even though my child made countless NGs, she never once complained or ever gave off a single sign of a strained expression on her face. And even though my son chirped on and on constantly with so many things to say to her, she was never annoyed and fully and sincerely always answered everything he asked and said to her. And after both worked so hard under the hot lights in the shooting set, every time the producer gave them an OK sign for a scene, I was totally taken away when even before taking care of herself, she would always immediately take off my son’s costume hat and take care of him being hot first. She even willingly waited in the waiting room for two and a half hours until he woke up again when my son fell asleep.

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[HLS’ Trans] As Long As I Love You – Lee Hyori & Wilber Pan

‘As Long As I Love You’


Hyundai i30 CF’s Song

Artists: Lee Hyori & Wilber Pan

English Translation: forgotten620

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[Eng Trans] Hyori talk about what the 20s mean to her

:: August 22, 2009::


The 3rd 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice to be held coming 28th August in JamSil Stadium will be an event for the 20s in Korea, the representative trend setters in Korea.

And with that, a relay interview ‘20 people in 2o’s’ was done on the stars which youths in their 20s love. The interview features like 20 stars Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain, Shim MinAh, Goo HyeSun, Seo In Young, Tablo, Im DongHyuk, Lee JunKi etc.

Lee Hyori, “KTX called 20s”

Lee Hyori, the trend setter of Korea who not only is known for her music but also for other areas like fashion. She said, “It is similar to when something passes too fast and you get the feeling of that you missed something. I debuted as part of Fin.K.L when I was 20 and came out solo with ‘10 Minute’ when I was 26. People who call it a car ride without a brake for my case but when I was 29 I thought I felt confused and now that I’m 30 I feel fear and confusion at times too. During the 20s, the charm is that you can do whatever you want without regrets. It can be called a challenge where you do not waste all the great times as doing everything seems just great.”

Rest of the article featuring the other artists can be found in sookyeong’s blog.

Credits: K Bites @sookyeong.wordpress.com