[Fanmade] Hyori – TOPGIRL F/W 2009 Photo Album


[Fanmade] MV – Kookri (Ft.Happy Virus)

‘Kookri’ Love



[Fanmade] Family Outing: Kookri (1V)

Family Outing

Catwoman & Puppy

Just because I love kookri 😛

[Fanmade] It’s Hyorish Toon Ver. (10P)

Toön Ver.

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[Hyori’s wings] :: July 15th 2009 (#3)

  • Chinese fans prepared to welcome Hyori in China
  • Cutie Hyori’s photoshopped!
  • Wilber Pan? Who is he…

Chinese fans are ready to welcome Hyori in China

Its Banner! ^^ @ the airport again!

COOL! They are going to meet hyori in person again >< be cool/calm down 😛

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[HR’Share] HIC’s Wallpaper {Official Chinese site}

Lee Hyori



– 1024 x 768 –

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[Fanmade] MV – Lee Hyori’s LIFE! (My Life)

MV – Lee Hyori’s Life

( My Life )


It’s fanmade MV (by Korean fan).. i find it very cute and this is really her life lol

Sexy star on stage, showed her normal life in OTR / such a dork in Family Outing… cry,drink lol, happy kid, blah blah

I like the part Ji Hye (her best friend) said in this mv : Being.. Lee Hyori

When knowing around 30% about her.. You will think ‘Ah Lee Hyori is blunt and has a good personality”.

After some time knowing 50% about her.. She is ‘haggard and irritable’.

To close friends… Knowing 100% of Lee Hyori, you feel compassion…

Of course, Hyori’s expression is the same as friend.


By Korean Fan