[Gossip Star] Voluptuous celebrities Lee Hyo-ri

These sexy gals are steaming up the entertainment industry nowadays…we have 이효리 (Lee Hyo-ri) who is sexy enough to capture the hearts of all men, actress 한채영 (Han Chae-young) who has the perfect figure that makes women cry, fashionista 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo) is the up and coming ‘edgy fox’, and curvy 고은아 (Ko Eu-na) is rising as little 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo)! These sexy celebrities have command of all men right now, so more details on their eye-catching attractions right now!

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[Hyori’s talk] Get to know Hyori better !!!



Hi guys, this list is a few years old, but I thought it would be interesting to share it with you guys, you guys can learn more about Hyori through this list. Now~~ let’s check them out!!

1. Favorite country: USA (specially NY)
2. Alcohol: Like the first time (처음처럼 type of Soju)
3. Cell phone: Samsung Anycall
4. TV Channel: MBC
5. Website: Bronx’s Junkyard!. The most of any other fan site! oh and i also like Daum and Naver
6. Magazine: Cosmopolitan
7. Color: Red
8. Brand: Abercrombie
9. Car: 닛산 큐브 (Im guessing it’s the Nissan Q??)
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[Gossip Star] 2NE1’s Dara & After School’s Uee on FO

UEE and Sandara Park Next Up on Family Outing

After School UEE and 2NE1 Sandara Park will be appearing on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

The 2 will be taking part as guest appearance in mid-October on the show.

Jang HyukJae PD of the show said on 13th October, “It is decided that UEE and Sandara Park will taking part in the filming of Family Outing. We look forward to the 2 showing a fun side of them when they join the Family.”

The 2 will join as idol girlgroup members together with the ‘uncle fans’ Yoo JaeSeok, Kim SooRo, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim JongKook on the show, and many are looking forward to their interaction with national fairy Fin.K.L member Lee Hyori.

credit: sookyeong@kbites

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[Gossip Star] Daesung is back!

Oh yay… Daedae is back!! He still looks the same ^_^ happy …

Miss him .. with W. and family =D

[HR’ Talk] Mnet 20’s choice similar outfit?

~ HYORI & 2NE1 ~



CL’s shoulder vest and Dara’s high heels are similar to Hyori’s.

Are they the new IT items?? ^^

It’s kinda weird that they are wearing similar clothes at the same ceremony event. xp