[Eng Trans] Message from mother of Ah Yoon-Ee about Hyori

It is a message from the mother of the little boy from Hyori’s latest Sunchang Sauce commercial which she posted at the popular portal site in Korea, daum.com in the main forums of what kind of person Hyori was during their shooting of the CF with her child. Here she excitedly posted:

The Mother of the New Hyori Sunchang Sauce CF Posting Here After Shooting!!!!!

Hello, I am the mother of Ah Yoon-ee, the child who got the opportunity to shoot a new CF with Lee Hyori~ I want to post that although Hyori obviously has a pretty face, that I’ve just gotten proof that she also has such a sweet heart~ She was so caring and doted my child and even though my child made countless NGs, she never once complained or ever gave off a single sign of a strained expression on her face. And even though my son chirped on and on constantly with so many things to say to her, she was never annoyed and fully and sincerely always answered everything he asked and said to her. And after both worked so hard under the hot lights in the shooting set, every time the producer gave them an OK sign for a scene, I was totally taken away when even before taking care of herself, she would always immediately take off my son’s costume hat and take care of him being hot first. She even willingly waited in the waiting room for two and a half hours until he woke up again when my son fell asleep.

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[HR’ Zoom] GUESS Jeans RED & Sunchang Sauce (7P)

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[HR’ Zoom] Netizens compare Soju models – UEE vs Hyori

There has been a topic raised after news went out that After School UEE will be the new model to Choem Choreom Soju, taking over from diva Lee Hyori.

And netizens compare the 2 as the models to the product.

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[HR’ Zoom] Hair Studio In Beijing, China

@IC/Hyolee Together

[HR’ Zoom] Ocean World ^^ is everywhere


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