[Gossip Star] 2NE1’s Dara & After School’s Uee on FO

UEE and Sandara Park Next Up on Family Outing

After School UEE and 2NE1 Sandara Park will be appearing on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

The 2 will be taking part as guest appearance in mid-October on the show.

Jang HyukJae PD of the show said on 13th October, “It is decided that UEE and Sandara Park will taking part in the filming of Family Outing. We look forward to the 2 showing a fun side of them when they join the Family.”

The 2 will join as idol girlgroup members together with the ‘uncle fans’ Yoo JaeSeok, Kim SooRo, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim JongKook on the show, and many are looking forward to their interaction with national fairy Fin.K.L member Lee Hyori.

credit: sookyeong@kbites

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[News] Hyori’s Charity Auction Becomes Hot Topic (24P)

>> Hyori Auctions Stage Outfits for Charity <<

:: Oct 8,2009 ::

Lee Hyori provided many stage outfits and auctioned them in her fan’s cafe, which caused a whirlwind of activity. Hyori’s auction consists of 20 outfits from “10 Minutes,” “Get Ya,” “U-Go-Girl,” and “Hey Mr. Big.” All were worn by Hyori herself. The ensembles include jackets, t-shirts, pajamas, etc.

An outfit that captured fans’ attention was the unconventional training outfit for the Anymotion MV.

When Hyori was interviewed, she said, “I received this gift previously, but because it was unconventional, I never wore it. Once I wore it in the MV, it became a hot topic.”

Other than stage outfits, the auction includes clothes worn in CFs and formal wear, all attracting attention from fans about Hyori’s great sense of style. Even though she only wore these outfits once, many are exclaiming that they are “must-haves.”

Hyori’s auction will take place October 11, at 10PM KST, in her Fan Cafe, “Hyolee Together.” All proceeds will go to those in need.

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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[NEWS] Hyori felt sad when the last female candidate said good bye

>> SuperStar K <<

:: Oct 7,2009 ::


credit to Maclk@ youtube


The semi-final of superstar K was aired last Friday, the best female candidate who had been with the show from the beginning till last semi-final, had to say her good bye to the show. In the semi-final, although she got very high points from the judges, but her charm didn’t attract the viewers who decided her future.

After that, Lee Hyori has expressed :” I regretted it for her, she is really talented, has passion for music and very pretty. But it seems like the guys have more attraction.” Continue reading

[News] Hyori Associated with Roses

>> Voters Associate Hyori with Roses <<

:: Oct 01, 2009 ::

Which celebrity do people associate roses with? Of course, it’s sexy icon Lee Hyori!

An online flower shop “flower365” surveyed 1000 people from September 21 to 29, asking them which celebrity they associate roses with. Hyori topped the survey with a landslide, 70% of the votes.

A staff member from flower365 expressed that “Roses mean passion, joy, beauty, respect, appeal, happiness and infinite love,” and “Fans thought that Hyori’s multiple appeals exemplify the roses’ specialty.”

Translation by forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

[News] Ryu Seung Wan “I was impressed by Hyori’s acting”

>> PD: I was impressed by Lee Hyori’s acting <<

:: Oct 01, 2009 ::

Last year during the promotion of her 3rd album, It’s Hyorish, Hyori revealed in one of her interviews:  “In the future, I want to challenge acting through MVs, I especially want to act with Ryu Seung Beom oppa, I want to learn to act from him, he is a great actor…if there is a role which suits me, I want to try again.”

After the filming of LeeSang’s MV,we had a chance to interview Ryu Seung Wan, the brother of actor Ryu Seung Beom, he is also the PD of this LeeSang’s MV. He said: ”Hyori’s acting has improved a lot, she made me and the other crews and staff who worked for this MV surprised and impressed by her acting.”

This MV of LeeSang’s newest album is about 2 lovers, who were suffering after breaking up cause of misunderstanding…but in the end they finally found their true love.

Full MV and album will be released on both online and offline markets soon.

Credit to Hyorivnsubs

Translation by ashlee1110 l hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong “I Was Embarrassed By Noona”

>> KHJ Embarrassed By Hyori’s Sexy Dance <<

:: Sept 27, 2009 ::

joongri fo

There are definitely lots of juicy  and funny stories between Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori.

On tonight’s broadcast of Family Outing,Kim Hyun Joong revealed a new side of popstar Lee Hyori.

He said “When Hyori noona took me to a club in the US, it was my very first time to go to a place like this. But it was also the first time i’ve been embarrassed by Hyori noona,watching her dancing was even more embarrassing.”

Hyori: “Are you sure you still remember it? i remember that day very clearly “ Then she asked him to show her sexy dance and he did..

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Dangerously In Love With Hyori

>> Hyun Joong showed his love for Hyori <<

:: Sept 27, 2009 ::


Kim Hyun Joong showed his love for sexy diva Lee Hyori.

On the 27th broadcast of the SBS Good Sunday’s variety show, Family Outing, SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s member Seungri sang their version of Fin.K.L’s hit song,“To My Boyfriend”, making their noona happy.

Lee Hyori was especially glad to see Hyun Joong’s version of the song once again, he did perform it once during a concert.

She complimented him by saying “You did it beautifully.”


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