[Vid][EngSub] Come To Play 09.07.20 (8V)

Come To Play


Translators: forgotten620, mandu00, yoojiin

Timers: xingyzheng, skyruler, larch89, tenten

Editors: barbie2r, aska0510

Encoder & Uploader: aska0510

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[Video] Hyori – Section TV 091016

Star ranking
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[Video] Family Outing ep 68- Hyori’s cuts


  • Cutie Hyori on the bus
  • Battle of the Queen round 1
  • DaeRi 1/2
  • DaeRi 2/2
  • Hyori’s Aego
  • Hyori vs Ha Ji won’s cuteness
  • Preview ep 69

*Cutie Hyori on the bus*

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[Gossip Star] Voluptuous celebrities Lee Hyo-ri

These sexy gals are steaming up the entertainment industry nowadays…we have 이효리 (Lee Hyo-ri) who is sexy enough to capture the hearts of all men, actress 한채영 (Han Chae-young) who has the perfect figure that makes women cry, fashionista 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo) is the up and coming ‘edgy fox’, and curvy 고은아 (Ko Eu-na) is rising as little 김혜수 (Kim Hye-soo)! These sexy celebrities have command of all men right now, so more details on their eye-catching attractions right now!

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[Video] Hyori was called by Infinity challenge members

Gill was calling hyori in infinity challenge parody of sebakwi (Quiz to change the world).
It starts at 3:50 of the video. This 174 ep of Infinity challenge aired on 10 10 09.

Hyori had to guess the words that Gill described and then Yoo Jae suk numbered the guys and Hyori had to pick a number and the the guy got picked talk to her. I think the guy was talking about having a date with her or something and Yoo Jae suk also said if she wasnt interested or something that she could just hang up.

[Video][Eng Subbed] LeeSsang’s MV- feat. Hyori, Ryu Seung Beom

~~The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave~~

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[Video] Family Outing ep 67- Hyori’s cuts

  • Wake Hyori Up
  • Hyori’s Morning Game 1/2
  • Hyori’s Morning Game 2/2
  • Preview ep 68

*Wake Hyori Up*
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