[Vid][EngSub] Come To Play 09.07.20 (8V)

Come To Play


Translators: forgotten620, mandu00, yoojiin

Timers: xingyzheng, skyruler, larch89, tenten

Editors: barbie2r, aska0510

Encoder & Uploader: aska0510

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[Video] MBC Every1 – Star the secret ‘Lee Hyori’ (3V)


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[PIC] Hyori – Mnet Superstar K (15P)


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[Hyori’s share] Hyori + Alex on SSP 2

OK, an old (June 2008) video from Sang Sang plus 2. But the 2 of them are super cute together, so I think you guys should check this out.

Translation   H*= Hyori, A*=Alex
H: Hello?
A: Hello?
H: Hello?
A: Oh hey, what are you doing?
H: What am I doing?!
A: Why, why?
H: You haven’t called me all day yesterday and now you’re asking me what I’m doing?
A: I didn’t call you last night because I thought you were asleep.
H: Why didn’t you call..call me when you said you..you would and told me to wait?
A: Why are you stuttering your words?
H: That’s because I’m angry.
A: Ah, don’t be like that, did you eat?
H: Forget about food, if you are going to behave like this, then don’t ever call me again.
A: Eh, what’s wrong? Should we go out and eat something delicious?
H: Something delicious, forget it. I’m asking you not to do this again. I hate meeting you like this.
A: Should we have a shot of fire alcohol later?
H: Fire alcohol? Then, let’s meet there.
A: Okay, I’ll see you there, dear.
H: Okay.

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[HR’ Talk] RUN dedicates song to Hyori?

Couple days ago, new solo artist named RUN released his debut-album as well as his MV for his title-song,She’s Strong.” Recently, it has been revealed that his title-song was dedicated to famous diva queen Lee Hyori!

Well not really “dedicated,” but more like Lee Hyori being a model for this song.

LOEN Entertainment‘s representative stated, “Won Tae Yeon, who wrote the lyrics, is a fan of Lee Hyori. It has been told that he wrote the lyrics because when he first heard the guide song, it reminded him of Lee Hyori’s fascinating, strong attractions. … The producer strongly recommended his lyrics because it matched the atmosphere of the song, as it was unique.

The title-song’s lyrics is about a deep love relationship between two lovers. In this case, you can guess that it expresses Won Tae Yeon’s love of Lee Hyori.
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