[HR’ Talk] RUN dedicates song to Hyori?

Couple days ago, new solo artist named RUN released his debut-album as well as his MV for his title-song,She’s Strong.” Recently, it has been revealed that his title-song was dedicated to famous diva queen Lee Hyori!

Well not really “dedicated,” but more like Lee Hyori being a model for this song.

LOEN Entertainment‘s representative stated, “Won Tae Yeon, who wrote the lyrics, is a fan of Lee Hyori. It has been told that he wrote the lyrics because when he first heard the guide song, it reminded him of Lee Hyori’s fascinating, strong attractions. … The producer strongly recommended his lyrics because it matched the atmosphere of the song, as it was unique.

The title-song’s lyrics is about a deep love relationship between two lovers. In this case, you can guess that it expresses Won Tae Yeon’s love of Lee Hyori.
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[Video] Family Outing ep 68- Hyori’s cuts


  • Cutie Hyori on the bus
  • Battle of the Queen round 1
  • DaeRi 1/2
  • DaeRi 2/2
  • Hyori’s Aego
  • Hyori vs Ha Ji won’s cuteness
  • Preview ep 69

*Cutie Hyori on the bus*

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[PIC] Family Outing, Behind the scenes [7P]

~~Lee Seung Chul’s eps~~


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[News] “Hyori Effect” Spreads

>> “Hyori Effect” Spreads to Soju Sales<<

:: Oct 15, 2009 ::

Although the market for soju hasn’t been the best lately, because of Hyori Lee, Choem Choreom Soju has stood out in the pack again.

According to statistics of alcohol production in August, Choem Choreom Soju’s production is steadily increasing. This year, their production has soared past 13%, increasing by 4% from last year. From January to August of this year, they have sold 9,326,000 boxes of soju.

Choem Choreom Soju’s popularity is largely attributed to their spokesperson, Hyori Lee. Ever since 2007, Hyori has been the spokesperson for Choem Choreom Soju and no other soju spokepersons have lasted longer.

The soju spokespersons are constantly changing, but Hyori has stayed and maintained her popularity with soju-drinkers.

Many have claimed that Hyori’s sexiness and straight-forwardness in ‘Family Outing’ are ideal traits for endorsing soju.

Competing soju brands have used Son Dambi, Shin Minah, Baek Jiyoung and other top female celebrities but none have surpassed Hyori in popularity.

In September, Cool Beverages, the company in charge of Choem Choreom Soju, conducted a survey and asked consumers, “Which soju advertisement comes to mind first?” Hyori came in first with 54% and subtracting the 34% that answered “No one,” Hyori pretty much took a majority of the votes.

A representative of Choem Choreom Soju said, “In this time period’s Choem Choreom Soju advertisement, Hyori’s music and dance led to very good results,” and “Not only did Hyori break the record for longest soju endorsement, but she also brought excellent marketing results.”

Translation: forgotten620 l http://www.hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

[Gossip Star] 2NE1’s Dara & After School’s Uee on FO

UEE and Sandara Park Next Up on Family Outing

After School UEE and 2NE1 Sandara Park will be appearing on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

The 2 will be taking part as guest appearance in mid-October on the show.

Jang HyukJae PD of the show said on 13th October, “It is decided that UEE and Sandara Park will taking part in the filming of Family Outing. We look forward to the 2 showing a fun side of them when they join the Family.”

The 2 will join as idol girlgroup members together with the ‘uncle fans’ Yoo JaeSeok, Kim SooRo, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim JongKook on the show, and many are looking forward to their interaction with national fairy Fin.K.L member Lee Hyori.

credit: sookyeong@kbites

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