> Photo-Zip + Song

*** TAKE OUT! the pictures from here and post in other site/blog… Pls Credit!

/:: Update... July, 2oo9 ::/

[PIC] Hyori – Soju Photoshoot <sketch> HQ (58-P) Download ***

[PIC] Hyori – Screen Saver (Soju) 2009.06 (2-P) Download

[CAP] Hyori – Family Outing ~ Ep.1 – Ep.43 (332-P) Download

[PIC] Hyori – First Concert 19/20 Dec 2008 (250-P) Download

[Magazine] Hyori – GGPX New York (53-P) Download


/:: Update... Sept, 2oo9 ::/

**NO Mp3 Lee Hyori’s Album >> Support Hyort! (Buy CD)


[MP3] As Long As I Love You – Lee Hyori & Wilber Pan 2009 Download **

[MP3] RIP/ Chum Churum CF Song – Lee Hyori 2009 Download
[MP3] Cleopatra – Lee Hyori 2003 Download
[MP3] Hot Girl (With Double-K) – Lee Hyori 2004 Download

RIP/ Anymotion (Remix) – Lee Hyori 2007 Download
RIP/ Let Me Be There – Lee Hyori 2007 Download

(” Ost. Three Leaf Clover “) 2005
[MP3] Even If The Whole World’s Love Permitted – Lee Hyori Download
[MP3] I Pray – Lee Hyori Download

[MP3] Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – Lee Hyori & LSY 2003 Download
[MP3] The Boy Is Mine – Lee Hyori & Lee Soo Young 2002 Download

[MP3] Together – Lee Hyori (Ost. Bad Girls) 2002 Download
[MP3] Love Ron – Eun Ji Won (Feat. Lee Hyori) 2005 Download
[MP3] Candy – Maybee (Feat. Lee Hyori) 2006 Download


– Performance/Live (Rip) –

[MP3] That Man, That Woman (Live) 2006 – Lee Hyori & HYS Download
[Duet with Heo Young Saeng (SS501) // SS501 Step Up Concert] LQ ~ edit audio

[MP3] Shall We Dance (Live) 2006
– Lee Hyori Download
[MP3] Get Ya` (Live) 2006
– Lee Hyori Download
[MP3] Scandalous Stage (MKMF 2008) – Lee Hyori & Big Bang Download
[MP3] Hyori 3rd Come Back Stage (Vocals Only) 2008


Family Outing (Rip) –

[MP3] Family Day (Family Outing) Download **

[MP3] RIP/ Family Song (Family Outing) Ep.43 Download
[MP3] RIP/ Family Rap Battle (Remix) Ep.35 Download
[MP3] RIP/ My Name Is Lee Hyori (Rap) Ep.35 Download
[MP3] RIP/ The Blue In You – Lee Hyori & Daesung Ep.28 Download

5 Responses

  1. I don’t want to request so much or anything lol but you know those H and Slim pictures how there are like… 100000 of them with numbers… if anyone is able to compile them and make a Photo zip? She looked really good there 😛

  2. can you tell me who is the real singer of “the blue in you” song? thanks

    • I don’t who the original singers were. But there’s this duo Lee Sora and Kim Hyunchul that performed it in 1994…maybe it’s their song.

      Here’s the link:

  3. I love the Hyundai’s song,GO HYORI,LEE HYORI!!!:D

  4. thanks for sharing! :,}

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