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Eng Subbed


(Encoder & Uploader: Barbie1r, aska0510)


(Translated by SCRIBBLES* || Timer,Editor : XINGYZHENG)

610 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer : Barbie1r, lovehyori || Editor : aska,ashlee,Barbie1r)

797 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer : rptw, lovehyori, TenTen1104, Barbie1r

|| Editor : aska,ashlee,Barbie1r)

862 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer : rptw, lovehyori, maclamkhue, Barbie1r

|| Editor : aska,ashlee,Barbie1r)

610 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer :  lovehyori, TenTen1104 || Editor : aska,Barbie1r)

522 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer :  lovehyori, TenTen1104 || Editor : aska,Barbie1r)

527 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer :  lovehyori, TenTen1104 || Editor : aska,Barbie1r)

507 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer :  lovehyori, TenTen1104 || Editor : aska,Barbie1r)

283 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer :  skyruler, Barbie1r || Editor : aska, Barbie1r)

392 MB




(Translated by Startoxic || Timer : xingyzheng || Editor : aska, Barbie1r)

340 MB






(Translated by tripleleap || Timer :  xingyzheng || Editor : startoxic, Barbie1r)

395 MB





123 Responses

  1. thank you very much for the link..
    i really appreciate it..

  2. thanks! i thought i wont find this.


  4. Thank you for your hard works!!
    will keep waiting for episode 6!! ^-^!

  5. thank you thank you thank you again for creating this link haha i keep saying thanks nowadays imust be really grateful hehe love you guyzz!!!

  6. thks for the sub.=) ❤

  7. Thanks for subbing guys! Much appreciated!

    I can’t download Ep 5, part 3
    It keeps saying “there is a javascript error in this process”

    Maybe it’s just my PC? I can download the otehr parts fine though…

    I’ll wait a few days perhaps and see what happens

  8. ^ the link has decided to work now YAY!


  10. thank you very much
    i am a new hyori’s fanclub
    excuse me , i want to how many ep do hyori’s rec?
    5 or 12 ?

  11. Hello worrada,
    Welcome to the fandom. =)
    Off the rec has 12 episodes.

  12. Thanks so much for subbing!

  13. wow!!!! ep.6
    it’s a good news for me
    thank you ^u^

  14. You guys are just so good ><
    I haven't been much up to date on the subs because I've already seen them lol but I'll dl the subbed ones probably when I finish downloading my ridiculously long download list 🙂 Just a shoutout to the hyoleesubs team and all fans who support her !!

  15. thank you for subbing
    love ur team

  16. aaaaa~~~
    thank youu sooooo much for your kindness for sub this show…
    I’m so happy when I found that this show was subbed..
    thank you soo much.. 😀

  17. hello,can you please upload the ep 7? it doesn’t work for me on youtube ,i’ve tried many times already but it wont work for me

    thank you very much for your work!


  18. thx for the hardsub..i’ve been searching it..thankiess for your hard work guys..really appreciate it!!!>.<

  19. i hope the size of the subs goes back to how they were in the first few eps. I watch these on my TV and the sub size on the later episodes has made it increasingly hard to read.

    thanks for subbing this though.

  20. thanks….for the hardsubbed of ep 7

  21. thank you sooo much for all of your hardwork..
    I really appreciate it..
    thank you soooo much…. 🙂

  22. lol thnk you soo much!!! i love this show soo much!!! haha and i love it even more with subs! lol man thank you soo much for this ~

  23. Thanks for sharing and making each episode a good quality with english sub.

  24. thanks for the sub. without it, i wouldn’t have the chance to know more bout hyori =)

  25. thx for your hard work

    i enjoy the show

  26. wooot~~
    now is the episode 7!cant believe it!!

    thanx so much to the subbers and team!!!

    hyori jjang!

  27. Thank you so much for theseee!:DD
    Subbed too! 😀

  28. thanks a lot aska for uploading and hyosubs! ^_____^

  29. thank you!

  30. thanks hyoleesubs
    for translating and uploading ep 8

  31. Thanks hyoleesub for your hardwork and release with us!! You are the best

  32. u guys are the best! Can’t wait for the rest of it

  33. thanks. love how u fixed this section up :D, looks awesome

  34. wow you guys are so fast! ‘saranghae’ for the great work!!

  35. Thank you so much for subbing this hyori series!!! thank you soooo much!!
    keep on your hardwork.. I really appreciate it..
    thank youuu 😀

  36. whaaaa!!!eps 10 is out!!

  37. in my dream.lol

  38. i dream of Ep.10 but my dream abandon me.i dream,i no longer dreaming…coz its on its way!lol

  39. thank you for sub OTR.

  40. Thank you so much for the upload

    i was wondering, how come mediafire for episode 10 says that there is no files?

  41. Hi. i just download school of rock but i can’t open the file extension 001. anyone can help me?


    • You have to download all the files first and then join all the files together with hjsplit. Hope it helps, good luck.

  42. thank you for your hard work~

  43. thanks alot for subbing and sharing them with us fans!! ^_^
    Oh by the way are you still subbing the Come To Play 09.07.20? I really love to see that episode! Thanks again!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing.I’ve been wating eng subs for this show.

  45. OTR EP1 file 002 is not downloadable, please fix
    Thank you 😀

  46. hey thanks for the uploads
    but i dont think the mediafire link
    for episode 3 part 8 works
    can you please fix that?

  47. thank u soo much guys

  48. Hello! Thank you very much for the subtitles!
    You worked hard, a big THANK YOU it’s the least thing I can do!
    Subbing team sarangheyo! ❤

  49. thank soo much to the hyoleesub team…u guys are awesome, your works are truely appreciated by many fans….

  50. Thanks so much for putting all these up!
    I was wondering could you put the rest of it up to?
    Episode 11 and 12 of Off The Record? I would really appreciate it since your youtube channel got shut down before I could see the last ep >.<
    anyway thanks for all your hardwork!

  51. Hey, I was wondering how you guys could play the videos, because when I try to open them they have a problem saying that they cant read avi.001 or avi.002.
    What should I do? Please help me.

  52. Oh, srry I figured the .001 problem but Ep 4 part 6 doesnt seem to work could you please fix that

  53. Where can i sign up for this site??

    its really great

  54. i was so happy to find these eng subbed ones! but… i duno why i cant play em..i only managed to play the first file of ep 1. and the rest, can see the timer running but nth appears.. help?

  55. Hi – its awesome you guys have subbed this – I just discovered this today – and tried to upload ep 1 but avi.004 & avi.006 arent downloading.


  56. I was wondering if anyone would be helpful/kind enough to upload all 1-12 OFF THE RECS on megaupload or mediafire or even a torrent site?

    I know there are links at http://www.hyoleesubs.com but a lot of them don’t work anymore, making the list really incomplete and I’d really like to get my hands on these videos >_<

  57. It’s very nice to found this program to dowload, but i can’t seem to watch them properly… i can’t find file 003 in first ep? please anyone re-upload it or share me the link to dowload?


  58. I hope ur team could re-upload it please? it’s no where to finddd……. TT

  59. There are many missing parts to these downloads….please could somebody reupload them?

  60. Hi! Thank you soo much for uploading this. I really really love Hyori. I think she’s amazing! And I’ve been searching for this for soo long. Thank you! But there are some missing parts. Could you kindly re-upload them? Because I’ve tried to find it else where. But there’s none. Please…. You’re hard-work is truly appreciated 🙂

  61. are the missing parts really missing or are they just named wrongly? if it’s missing can you guys re-up? >< i really wanna watch this show subbed.

  62. Why are there so many missing parts? 😦

  63. could u guys reupload the missing parts? pleaaaase? you guys are the only place I’ve found that has the eng subs (and therefore u guys are awesome)

  64. Please upload the missings parts ):
    Please and thank you.

  65. Please Please reupload the missings parts

  66. I can’t watch any of the videos except for ep 1 😦

  67. please reupload all the missing files 😦 i want to watch it so bad

  68. where are these files??
    ep1 – .004
    ep2 – .001
    ep3 – .008
    ep4 – .001 & .004
    can’t find them?? they’re not in the folders

  69. Guys.. pls reupload the missing parts.. i’m begging you.. 😦

  70. Did you make an account? also you click the episode number, and then respond on that page to see the download link for that ep.
    I tried it yesterday and it worked for me.
    They also have free streaming that they talk about on the bottom of the page I sent you :3

    • gee thanks.. it’s been flooded with forums and stuff and i finally found the links.. thanks so much for your help.. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • omgg yayy! x33 I’m so glad I was able to help yout!
        It’s been a loong time since I saw these too, so I wanted to make sure that everyone else who has waited as long/longer than me gets a chance as well :3

  71. They also stream it here on this part of their site here,
    be sure to click the next page to see the earlier eps.

  72. Also Raven it’s usually one link, and it will say like “megaupload” or something on it, and they have the pass that you put to download it through there :3 hope this helps!

  73. hi,i would like to download this.
    but, may i know how to register at the forum because i keep on gettin this error “You did not answer the verification questions correctly.’

  74. I keep gettin the error too! Please help me. Can someone tell me if I wrote the right answers? Does it need caps or what?

    I’m Back

  75. Also try “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” instead of I’m back, because they ask for the best song on that album right?

  76. yes! this works. Thanks too ;D

  77. Hello,

    First of all,thank you so much Gee for helping out members and telling us on the forums that the links here weren’t working anymore.

    Please everyone,just register on our forums and website,with the same username for both (website and forums) so we know who is who.If you feel lost,feel free to let us know,we’ll gladly help!

  78. cant get the verification right:
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Yes (human?)

    any ideas?

  79. Hi David, please try again, it might be the server acting up.

  80. Hi David, please try again, it might be the server acting up. Let me know if you have any trouble on our facebook page or twitter : twitter.com/hyoleesubs

  81. Please also check the first post here : https://hyoleesubs.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/we-moved/ you’ll get all infos and link to download our shows. HLS Staff

  82. Hey, umm I was just wondering if you will be posting any other sites for downloads besides megaupload because their site is currently down

  83. can’t register.. =.= can someone help me? it keep tell me that i

  84. I’m sorry but the links are dead. Could you repost them again? Thanks.

  85. where is the missing part?, almost each episode have missing part,

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  87. I guess 7.5yrs later is toooooo late to be getting these files =(

  88. link working for eng sub ep 5 pls, anyone? :((

  89. EP5 eng sub please 😦 i specifically wanted to understand the convo between lee jin and lee hyori unnie. pleeease.. 😦

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