> Project!

– English Subbed –



Episode.1-8 {Completed}


School Of Rock 2006

01 | 02 | 03 | 04


Making of Biotherm CF (With Daniel Henney)

GUESS Jeans Photoshoot + Interview

Section TV’s Over Mountains, Across Seas

MKMF 2008 Behind the scene (With Big Bang)

[Audio/Trans] Beauty (이뻐요) – Lee Hyori & Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes)

KBS_Kyung Hee University Concert

Section TV’s News Corner

‘TimeMachine’ Special CUT

Legend of Lee Hyori -2 (2/2)

Legend of Lee Hyori -2 (1/2)


10 Responses

  1. Hi
    to ask!
    how to insert subtitles Vietnamese to be VideoClip?

  2. By the way, I’m vietnamese
    sorry about my English 😦

  3. hi can’t wait for the other sub episodes of OTR

  4. hey, i know how to translate chinese to english, do you still need translators? how can i sign up?

  5. hi everyone!

    i’m new to the website but i love Hyori too!

    i don’t know where to post this question…so i guess i will post it here….

    i have a problem downloading this file:

    HYOLEE – OFF THE REC EP-2 (Hardsub).avi.003

    when i click download it just displayed some kind of error…

    can anyone please check it for me…. TT^TT

    thank you very much

    luv u all ! and of course Hyori the most!!

    • Hi there….pls try to dl that file again. I just tried and seems to work . Sometimes there’s temporary issues with MF…but it should be fine now.

      • oh i got it now!

        thank you very much

        maybe last night i download too many episode


        thanks again!

  6. i want to ask you
    do you subs Hyori come to play with rain?
    i just find out they appear in CTP
    *talk about being late* *cry*

    anyway, thanks for your answer

  7. hi guys.. i really wanna watch off the rec episodes with eng subs. i was thinking maybe you have a secret/unlisted youtube links of it. i just knew about hyolee last month and i became a very huge fan since i saw her in FO. i really wish you could help me.. thanx..

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