[PIC] Hyori – Mnet Superstar K (15P)


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[News] Why did Hyori graduate after 8 years?

>> Reason of Prolonged Graduation Revealed<<

:: Oct 21, 2009 ::


It took Hyori eight years to graduate college. And now, the reason is revealed.

On the 23rd, MBC every1’s “STAR the Secret” will broadcast why it took such a long time for Hyori to become a graduate of Kookmin University.

Before Fin.K.L debuted, Hyori passed the test that only accepted 40 out of 2600 people that applied. With a ratio of 65:1, Hyori successfully entered the performing arts department of Kookmin University. Hyori’s 3rd year high school teacher said, “At first, it was harder for her to get into schools in Seoul, but her grades improved in the second semester.”

Hyori entered Kookmin in 1998. At the same time, pre-Fin.K.L Hyori was a chubby college student. She was a popular worker in the student’s cafeteria. At the time, she asked her professors for advice before appearing in SBS “Three Leaf Clover.”

However, the professor said, “Hyori’s mom came to look for the principal so that Hyori can have a smooth graduation process. She didn’t want her to stay in a state of failing. Finally, in the eighth year, she graduated.”

Translation: forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

[News] “If Hyori were a man, I would marry her”

>> Confessions of Hyori’s Best Friend<<

:: Oct 19, 2009 ::


An interview with Ahn Ji Hye.

“I still feel like we should ask more questions about Hyori.”

“It’s okay. Go ahead.”

Ahn Ji Hye’s cool and frankness is her specialty and attraction. Juxtaposed with Hyori’s charm, the pair’s friendship gives off a “That’s why they’re friends” vibe.

Although she is an actress and even went to Russia to perform, she is only known as “Hyori’s friend” when “Hyori’s Off the Record” was broadcasted.

She might be disappointed but she remains committed to her acting career. Though she sees her peer reaching peaks of popularity, she does not feel pressured. To Ji Hye, Hyori may be her soulmate.

When speaking about Hyori, her expression is always bright. It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt more like a casual conversation about a friend’s story.

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My Korean Life…

Hi guyzz! ^^ Long time no talk! Some of you may know me I’m Startoxic one of the admin of this blog and I decided to write an article to give you some news about me since I don’t have time anymore to chat. But I noticed that nobody chats like we used to nowadays… Anyways, a few of you might know but I’m currently staying in Seoul for 1 year as an exchange student and trust me this is one wonderful experience.

Being a Kpop lover this place is the best place to be, spazzing on your favorite idols every second and getting all kind of goodies. ^^ I see Hyori everywhere everyday, she is THE cf queen so her ads are everywhere. I want to take a picture of each ad she appears on but it’s kinda weird doing it on the street or subway in the middle of Korean that are used to this so I restrain myself and just admire it quietly. hehe

The only picture I could take was an ad in the subway at midnight when I was coming back home and there was nobody in the station:


I was so sad that she wasn’t the model for Soju anymore because I still see a lot of her posters stick to the wall in the street around bars and stores. Now that UEE is the new face, they are starting to put hers on the street instead of our Hyori…

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[PIC] GUESS ‘RED New HOT Sexy Line’ (5P)

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[Pic] New Selca photos (3P)

~Hyori Close Ups~

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