[HR’ Talk] Sandara (2NE1) Love Fin.K.L?

Dara is Fin.K.L Fan =D…

Ye~ cant wait for FO ep.Dara & who?!! Oh~Ms.everywhere 😛

DVD.. /Pics

and this one is cute ..keke

C: hyolee79

[Gossip Star] 2NE1’s Dara & After School’s Uee on FO

UEE and Sandara Park Next Up on Family Outing

After School UEE and 2NE1 Sandara Park will be appearing on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

The 2 will be taking part as guest appearance in mid-October on the show.

Jang HyukJae PD of the show said on 13th October, “It is decided that UEE and Sandara Park will taking part in the filming of Family Outing. We look forward to the 2 showing a fun side of them when they join the Family.”

The 2 will join as idol girlgroup members together with the ‘uncle fans’ Yoo JaeSeok, Kim SooRo, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim JongKook on the show, and many are looking forward to their interaction with national fairy Fin.K.L member Lee Hyori.

credit: sookyeong@kbites

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[HR’ Talk] Mnet 20’s choice similar outfit?

~ HYORI & 2NE1 ~



CL’s shoulder vest and Dara’s high heels are similar to Hyori’s.

Are they the new IT items?? ^^

It’s kinda weird that they are wearing similar clothes at the same ceremony event. xp

[Gossip Star] 2PM, 2NE1, Kara, T-ara {Special Stage} + Big Bang

{Aug 16, 2009}

Summer Vacation Special Stage

  • Girl Idol Dance Battle {2NE1,Kara,Brown Eyed Girl, 4Minutes}
  • KARA – Again & Again (2PM)
  • 2PMForever Love (Fin.K.L), Rain
  • T-araTo My Boy Friend (Fin.K.L)
  • ADD: Last Farewell (2NE1 Ver.) + G-Dragon – The Leader & Gossip Man

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[Eng Trans] Full translation of Hyori’s call to Bommie


Maybee: A magic genie comes and tells you that he has the powers to change you into whoever you want! Who would Park Bom want to be?
M: Beyonce! Wow…and?!
B: And Lee Hyori unni!
M: Ahh, I see I see!
B: Yeah- both of them are artists that I really love. And my role models
M: Ahh…
B: I think they’re both really cool and admirable. And like with Hyori unni, I really love her fashion sense and admire her professionalism.
M: If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you have a chance to collab with Hyori for a CF?
B: Yeah
M: So when that happened, you didn’t have the chance to get closer to her?
B: Oh, we did…but ever since that CF was finished, I never really contacted her again…
M: What was so great about her?
B: She took care of me a lot during the entire process because I was new to everything, and taught me so many things like good ways to memorize the lyrics and lines and such
M: Haha yes, she’s a very considerate person as so. Oh, and here we have just received a phone call from somebody who wants to talk to someone here in particular. Shall we answer it? Hello?
Hyori: YO YO YO!

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[Eng Subbed] Hyori surprise phone call to Park Bom (2NE1)

Hyori calling in to 2NE1 at Maybee’s radio show

(July 16, 2009)

Click on ‘CC’ <English Subbed>

“Many parts of this translation may be wrong as my Korean is (not) very good.”

I’m sorry! (/mandu00)

By HyoleeSubs

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Translation: mandu00

Timer: Barbie1r


[ME2DAY] 2009.07.17 Dara’s Me2day Update!

Dara: *cries* before at the radio, after she had a phone conversation with Hyori unni..

Bom sent her a text message .. me too me too ㅠㅠ I also like Hyori unni .. ^^;;


[Gossip Star] 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’ + Big Bang {MP3}, Rain, 2PM+SNSD (6V+DL)


  • I Don’t Care MV (Eng Subbed) + 1st Mini Album  (FULL) MP3 + DL
  • 2Ne1 – Comeback Stage/ Pretty Boy + I Don’t Care /{09.07.10}
  • Big Bang – Gara Gara Go (FULL) + My Heaven (Limited Edition) ++ MP3 + DL
  • Rain with Rain No.2 (Junho 2PM) + 2PM Backstage /KBS Music Bank
  • 2PM & SNSD Perf. + Winning, Encore /{09.7.10}

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