[News] Lee Hyori and Will Pan’s Mutual Praise

>> Hyori and Will’s Mutual Praise <<

:: Sept 11,2009 ::


While Hyori was in China promoting the Hyundai i30, both Hyori and Will performed their new song, “As Long As I Love You.”

When asked about Will, Hyori complimented him and said that he is a very cool and straight-forward guy. On the other hand, Will said that Hyori knows how to take care of other people. When Will visited Korea, Hyori personally brought him to try Korean cuisines.

As for a concert in China, Hyori cheerfully responded that “it depends on whether or not Chinese fans will welcome me.”

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[Video] Hyori & Will Pan i30 Showcase (HQ Fancam)

As Long As I Love You & U Go Girl

More HQ fancam of their performance

[Video] Hyori – Hyundai i30 Showcase {Rehearsal} (3V)


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[PIC] Hyori in front of a hotel in Beijing, China (9P)


Back to Korea

xD Look at her sneakerheel? haha love it

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[Video] Hyori – Hyundai i30 Beijing, a press conference


Lee Hyori + Wilber Pan