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Come To Play


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[News] Lee Hyori effect “Come To Play” ratings soar

>> Lee Hyori’s effect <<

:: July 22, 2009 ::


MBC “Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee ‘Come to play'” ratings soared.

According to TNS ratings, Come to play aired on July 20 had 16,2% viewership nationwide, occupying the first place. Compared to the July 13 broadcast with 12,5% viewership, it has increased of 3,7%.
On the same timeslot, SBS ‘YSMM 2’ 7,7% and KBS 2TV ‘Beauties chit chat’ 8,9%, in comparison to the ratings for Come to play there is a wide gap.
In the episode 31 of Come to play aired on that day, sexy queen Lee Hyori and close friends Maybee, Park Si Yeon and Ahn Hye Kyung talked about life style and love relationships of women in their 30s.

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[GIF] Hyori – Come To Play (16G)

– GIF –

Come To Play

(July 20, 2009)

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[News] Lee Hyori’s true side (31 y.o)

>> Come to play Lee Hyori <<

:: July 21,2009 ::


Sexy and easy going Lee Hyori participated in Come to play aired on the 20th, she showed her true side under the name 31yo Lee Hyori, she was irrevocably the center of attention on that day.

Lee Hyori was very talkative, revealed a lot of episodes being a superstar. First, when going to a restaurant she is embarrassed to order for plain water or banchan (small side dish) because they are free, she’s afraid of how the owner would see her.
While responding to “attitude towards break up”, Lee Hyoti said “so it’s not this guy” this kind of answer. She is stronger and stronger facing break up, but among her relationships there were around 2 times which she suffered to most after breaking up.
When talking about “compared to 20s, the reasons for being 31yo is better”, Lee Hyori and the others 3 guests chose unanimously being more comfortable with money, being more free, can have your own house and little by little dumping the attachment to men.
However Lee Hyori said “After a fight I decided to break up with my boyfriend, but I would still hesitate whether calling back or going to his house directly”, after sobering up in the early morning she had the habit to call her ex-boyfriend, “the day after, after sobering up, I thought about cutting my fingertips not only one or twice”, furthermore she said “I hate men who apologize but don’t know what they are apologizing for.”
She said she has never received gifts from her boyfriends, everyone couldn’t believe that, when responding to “I think this kind of man is better after being 31yo”, she chose a man who agrees to give his credit card to her, “it means we are one, I believe you”, she precised she is economically stable,so his appearance and ability aren’t the most important. PSY AHK and Maybee agreed that “a man who is very tolerant  is attractive”.

In the end of the program while talking about the most absurd news about them, Maybee said in every interview I will be asked to whom I want to write lyrics to, I answered BIG MAMA who could understand lyrics really well, even if there is the word “iron wire” in the lyrics they still can handle it, in results the next day the article title is “BIG MAMA can handle iron wire”, she felt really sorry towards BIG MAMA. Ahn Hye Kyung said she was the first guest on Jung Junha’s program, reporters wrote it as “Ahn Hye Kyung and Jung Junha’s first time”, it was embarrassing. Lee Hyori said when she first debuted she has a tan skin, reporters said that she was an illegal Filipino immigrant, she didn’t know rather to laugh or cry.

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[Video/DL] Hyori – Come To Play (8V)

Come To Play

(July 20, 2009)


– Part 1


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[News] Lee Hyori ‘Come To Play’

  • Family outing – Lee Hyori and Park Si Yeon selection of repulsive man is?
  • Maybee “played and rested when paying a visit to close friend Lee Hyori”

>> Repulsive men <<

:: July 20,2009 ::


Singer Lee Hyori and actress Park Si Yeon declared what style of man is the most repulsive for them.

Both of them became closer and closer thanks to the recording of Family outing.
Lee Hyori and Park Si Yeon on Come to play corner “similar feeling talk-our attitude toward 31yo.” said “during our break while filming FO, our longest chat was on what kind of man we can’t meet”.
Park Si Yeon said “for me the most repulsive man is the first type in the BEST 3 which is someone who is from the outside very caring towards his girlfriend, but after coming back to home he easily gets mad at her”, all the female guests agreed to this point. In addition, she said she had already met this kind of bad man.

On that program, Lee Hyori and the others talked about “after 30 yo my ideal man changes, man that get on my nerves”, “getting more and more mature, attitude towards break up” etc, they gave their honest answers on topics that 30 yo women agree on.

>> Maybee visit to sick Hyori <<

:: July 20,2009 ::


Singer Maybee (real name Kim Eun Ji) said she played and rested well when she visited a sick Lee Hyori.

Lee Hyori said “Last year I fainted because of exhaustion, while I was staying in the hospital Maybee came to pay me a visit”, “My room was particulary pleasant, maybe she really liked that place, she ate all the things other people gave to me and she even rented a DVD to watch, she rested well for a few days and left”.

Lee Hyori picked on what Maybee said “whatever you say I still visited you, I’m so nice”, she responded “this room which had DVD and a fridge was different from the previous one, in the previous one you’d never gone once”, laughs exploded.

On that day program, Maybee showed her Busan dialect, exposing her innocent and bright side.

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[CAP] Hyori – MBC ‘Come To Play’ (6P)

– CAP –

Come To Play

(July 20, 2009)

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