[Hyori’s wings] :: September 30th 2009 (#3)

  • ISA KNOX Alarm-cell Ads
  • GUCCI Elle Korea
  • Wedding event with ?

“ISA KNOX Alarm Cell

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[Video] Nation Fairy – Family Outing Ep.63 [CUT Ver.]

[Highlights!] Madam Lee… ep.63

  • Hyori Dancing Fire (2NE1)
  • Hyori Crazy Dance {Drunk Women}
  • Hyori and the Mustache
  • Hyori and Jaesuk ‘I Don’t Care’

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[GIF/VID] Daeri + The Nation Sibling + Haehyol – Family Outing Ep.63


Daeri + Haehyol

Aigoo.. they are so cute.. takecare of his nuna xD

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[GIF] Daeri + Kookri – Family Outing Ep.62 (5G)


hyori use towel to strap daedae.. to not fall into the water again

What a cute nuna! ><

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[News] ‘Family Outing’ members “Very worried” about Dae Sung’s accident

‘Family Outing’ Hyo Ri- Jong Kook- Jae Suk..

“Very worried” about Dae Sung’s accident


Popular group Big Bang’s member Dae Sung’s traffic accident has made fellow members of SBS ‘Family Outing’ Lee Hyo Ri, Kim Jong Kook and others worry for the whole night.

While returning from ‘Family Outing’ filming on the 11th around 4 PM coming back to Seoul at around Kyunggi-do area Dae Sung encountered an accident when the car he was in hit the center divider. Dae Sung was taken to a neighborhood hospital and received emergency treatment where afterwards he was evacuated urgently to a Seoul hospital. A person speaking for the hospital said he suffered some spinal injuries and needs to undergo treatment for 6 weeks.

Upon hearing news of his accident on the day the Family Outing performers and production team became really worried.

Especially for ‘Family Outing’s’ Madam Lee Hyo Ri. On the day of hearing about Dae Sung’s accident she rolled her foot as she was trying to contact him. On the 12th Lee Hyo Ri’s representative said “From the time she heard about Dae Sung’s accident on that day had tried to get in touch with him in every single way possible.” “She even tried contacting his manager and stylist but was unable to get in touch and she was extremely worried.”

The rep also said “At first she thought it was justa minor accident but after hearing that the condition is more serious than she thought she became really worried.”

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[Video] Ghost cut FO Ep. 59 [Eng Subbed]

Thanks jklove_07@ soompi for the video

[Hyori’s wings] :: August 11th 2009 (#2)

  • Hyori + Daesung (Daesung’s car accident)
  • Guess’s Hyori vs Levi’s Song Hye Kyo

“Lee Hyo Ri very worried about Daesung’s car accident ”


Big Bang’s Daesung ‘s car accident has surprised Lee Hyo-Ri, and of course she is  very worried about him right now.Lee Hyo-Ri on August 11 had her filming with Family Outing, after the shooting she learned about the accident of Daesung through a crew of FO and this made her worried about him a lot.

Lee Hyori said ”Usually, my brother is very careful about this stuff that’s why I was shocked and surprised when I heard the news. I cannot contact him and the staff does not know the detailed situation and this makes me worry even more.”

Family Outing has finished filming on August 10th and 11th  and this accident happened when Daesung was on the way from Gyeonggi Province back to Seoul.

Translation: ashlee1110 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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