[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Dangerously In Love With Hyori

>> Hyun Joong showed his love for Hyori <<

:: Sept 27, 2009 ::


Kim Hyun Joong showed his love for sexy diva Lee Hyori.

On the 27th broadcast of the SBS Good Sunday’s variety show, Family Outing, SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s member Seungri sang their version of Fin.K.L’s hit song,“To My Boyfriend”, making their noona happy.

Lee Hyori was especially glad to see Hyun Joong’s version of the song once again, he did perform it once during a concert.

She complimented him by saying “You did it beautifully.”


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[Gossip Star] 2PM, 2NE1, Kara, T-ara {Special Stage} + Big Bang

{Aug 16, 2009}

Summer Vacation Special Stage

  • Girl Idol Dance Battle {2NE1,Kara,Brown Eyed Girl, 4Minutes}
  • KARA – Again & Again (2PM)
  • 2PMForever Love (Fin.K.L), Rain
  • T-araTo My Boy Friend (Fin.K.L)
  • ADD: Last Farewell (2NE1 Ver.) + G-Dragon – The Leader & Gossip Man

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[News] Lee Jin “I’m hoping for a comeback of Fin.K.L”

>> Fin.K.L <<

:: Aug 14,2009 ::


In a recent interview, actress/singer Lee Jin, member of the famous girlgroup of korea Finkl revealed ”There are so many fans who still know us and miss us. If we have time, I hope we will reunite in the future. Last year, it was our first time that we reunited after a few years at Lee Hyori’s concert. At that time, 4 of us cried.”
With the info that 3 of the 4 members of Finkl are under the same company, except for Sung Yuri who is under Sidus HG, so a reunion of Finkl is possible.
Lee Jin added ”Early this year, Kim Gwang Joo invited 3 of us dinner and we talked about Finkl. However we cant release an album now yet, but we will once again standing together onstage. We dont have an exact plan right now, but we are trying because of our fans.”

Translation: ashleesimpson l hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

[Hyori’s wings] :: July 16th 2009 (#2)

  • Finkl- SES are active this summer
  • Mnet 20’s choice awards

“Summer power of 7 people of famous girlgroups Fin.KL-SES”


Members of Fairy girlgroup Finkl and SES are all in the industry this summer, let’s see how this power will scramble.
Finkl and SES were the most famous girlgroup back then in 90s, but after they official broke up, you rarely heard about them as one. Finkl’s fans are waiting for a reunion of their idols but since the digital single of Finkl which was released 2005, 4 years ago, they havent heard anything about Finkl so far, but you can see the 4 members of this girlgroup in this summer as often as you want.

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[Gossip Star] Kara {Fin.K.L} + SNSD Comeback (3V+DL)

KBS Music Bank
  • Kara – To My Boyfriend (Fin.K.L)
  • SNSD – MV/Perf. Comeback (Tell Me Your Wish ‘Genie’) + DL

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