[News] KARA’ Nicole wants to be a singer like Lee Hyori!

Nicole wants to be a singer like Lee Hyori!


KARA’s mascot Nicole Jung expressed her will to become a successful singer like Lee Hyori. Nicole will tell us more about her lifestyle when she was studying in the States and her experience as a member of KARA on an EBS English Channel Show titled “Star English”.

Nicole was borned in California,Glendale and she came to Korea 3 years ago debuting as a singer. She used to be an active member for choir ,sports and other school activities when she was a student. She recorded and sent the video of herself dancing through the net and got the chance to be a singer. She said that she is really relieved because many friends helped her to go through all the hard time when she just reached Korea a few years back.

Nicole also said that the singer she admired the most is Korean’s sexy diva Lee Hyori, she is always a Lee Hyori’s fan. Besides, she wished that she can perform with Rain. Rain is the man who influenced her to have dream to perform on stage!

C: Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

//Nicole is Biri fans 😛 .. this news is for kie ^-^

[Gossip Star] 2PM, 2NE1, Kara, T-ara {Special Stage} + Big Bang

{Aug 16, 2009}

Summer Vacation Special Stage

  • Girl Idol Dance Battle {2NE1,Kara,Brown Eyed Girl, 4Minutes}
  • KARA – Again & Again (2PM)
  • 2PMForever Love (Fin.K.L), Rain
  • T-araTo My Boy Friend (Fin.K.L)
  • ADD: Last Farewell (2NE1 Ver.) + G-Dragon – The Leader & Gossip Man

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[HR’ Share] Hyori – Scolded & Break It with Kara {Fancam} (2V)

So cute ^_^

Toc Toc Toc & Scolded (Rehearsal)

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[Gossip Star] Big Bang, SNSD Jessica, TVXQ, Hyolee


  • Daesung skips filming for the upcoming episode of Family Outing!
  • Big Bang – Behide the scene ‘Gara Gara Go’ MV
  • Cover of snsd’s “Tell me your wish”
  • Jessica (SNSD) also Danri Shipper? lol
  • TVXQ – First Ever Japanese CM
  • Gossip: Hyolee

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[Gossip Star] IU (Acoustic), Big Bang+2NE1, 3ne1, 4 Minutes


  • IU – Gee/ Lies/ Sorry Sorry (Acoustic)
  • Big Bang – Mnet YG Live TV [ENG]
  • News! >GD’s New Album!!!
  • 3NE1 – Fire
  • 4 Minutes – Tell Me (Wondergirls)

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