[Eng Trans] Hyori talk about what the 20s mean to her

:: August 22, 2009::


The 3rd 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice to be held coming 28th August in JamSil Stadium will be an event for the 20s in Korea, the representative trend setters in Korea.

And with that, a relay interview ‘20 people in 2o’s’ was done on the stars which youths in their 20s love. The interview features like 20 stars Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain, Shim MinAh, Goo HyeSun, Seo In Young, Tablo, Im DongHyuk, Lee JunKi etc.

Lee Hyori, “KTX called 20s”

Lee Hyori, the trend setter of Korea who not only is known for her music but also for other areas like fashion. She said, “It is similar to when something passes too fast and you get the feeling of that you missed something. I debuted as part of Fin.K.L when I was 20 and came out solo with ‘10 Minute’ when I was 26. People who call it a car ride without a brake for my case but when I was 29 I thought I felt confused and now that I’m 30 I feel fear and confusion at times too. During the 20s, the charm is that you can do whatever you want without regrets. It can be called a challenge where you do not waste all the great times as doing everything seems just great.”

Rest of the article featuring the other artists can be found in sookyeong’s blog.

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[Eng Subbed] Hyori – GUESS Jeans Photoshoot + Interview

>> Hyori – GUESS Jeans red <<

( Photoshoot + Interview )

:: Aug 01, 2009 ::

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Translation: Yoojin, startoxic

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[HLS’ Trans] Interview: ‘Singles’ Magazine “That Girl On Top” (5P)


`That Girl On Top`

June, 2009

…Lee Hyori’s Interview…

You will understand her more.. Love, Life, Work, … (3 pages)

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[Interview] Hyori’s QOOK TV Interview about Family Outing

>> Hyori speaks about FO <<

[FULL Interview]


Lee Hyo Ri, “Family like ‘Family Outing’, regret over change in members”

We attempted to contact the national fairy the madam of the house Family Outing’s Lee Hyo Ri. Lee Hyo Ri was in Bali for a photo shoot but responded to our interview request via phone to support ‘Family Outing’.

‘Family Outing’ will be having its 1 year anniversary soon. What is your impression and what is the secret of this success?

It seems like time really flew by. All this time I’ve had fun taping it, and I’ve grown close with the members like family. It’s really a show that people can get attached to. I think the secret to the success of this program is the nostalgia that people have of life in the old days. That’s why many elders like this show as well. The economy is difficult so right now the interest is on family. Our program is the only one with the family concept and many people like the warm hearted feel of it.
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[Interview] Hyori speaks about Family Outing

>> Hyori speaks about FO <<

:: Jun 13,2009 ::

Hyori in recent  interview regarding  Family Outing.

(full korean article at site below)

멤버들과는 실제로 많이 친해졌나요? 가장 편한 멤버를 꼽는 다면요?
Have you got close with members? who feels most comfortable around you?

다들 친한데, 오빠들은 다들 결혼을 해서 사적인 자리에서 만나기 쉽지 않아요. 또래인 천희나 대성이, 종국 오빠와는 가끔 술도 마시고 고민거리도 털어놓죠. 그리고 서로서로 경조사는 꼭 챙기고요(웃음).
I’m close with everyone but most of oppas are hard to meet in private because they are married.I often have drinks with the same aged Chun Hee, Dae Sung and Jong Kook oppa and allow them to counsel my problems and we go each others events. (laughs)

아무래도 제가 가수이다 보니 대성이나 종신, 종국 오빠랑 다른 여러 가수들과 술자리를 가질 때가 많죠.
Because I’m a singer, I tend to have drinks more with Dae Sung, Jong Shin, Jong Kook oppa and other singers

~Translations: jklove07@soompi

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