[Video][Eng Subbed] LeeSsang’s MV- feat. Hyori, Ryu Seung Beom

~~The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave~~

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[Video] Hyori – “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up…” Full MV

“The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave”

Leessang MV from their Hexagonal album

(Oct 5, 2009)

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[PIC] Hyori – LeeSsang MV Shooting Scene

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[News] Ryu Seung Wan “I was impressed by Hyori’s acting”

>> PD: I was impressed by Lee Hyori’s acting <<

:: Oct 01, 2009 ::

Last year during the promotion of her 3rd album, It’s Hyorish, Hyori revealed in one of her interviews:  “In the future, I want to challenge acting through MVs, I especially want to act with Ryu Seung Beom oppa, I want to learn to act from him, he is a great actor…if there is a role which suits me, I want to try again.”

After the filming of LeeSang’s MV,we had a chance to interview Ryu Seung Wan, the brother of actor Ryu Seung Beom, he is also the PD of this LeeSang’s MV. He said: ”Hyori’s acting has improved a lot, she made me and the other crews and staff who worked for this MV surprised and impressed by her acting.”

This MV of LeeSang’s newest album is about 2 lovers, who were suffering after breaking up cause of misunderstanding…but in the end they finally found their true love.

Full MV and album will be released on both online and offline markets soon.

Credit to Hyorivnsubs

Translation by ashlee1110 l hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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[Video] Hyori – Man Who Can’t Break Up MV (Teaser)

Teaser MV

“Man Who Can’t Break Up”

Lee Hyori & Ryu Seung-bum

LeeSsang’s 6th album