[Vid][EngSub] Come To Play 09.07.20 (8V)

Come To Play


Translators: forgotten620, mandu00, yoojiin

Timers: xingyzheng, skyruler, larch89, tenten

Editors: barbie2r, aska0510

Encoder & Uploader: aska0510








18 Responses

  1. this is what I am waiting for

  2. Thank you very very much….

  3. wow very nice. thank you

  4. thanks so much 4 de hard work guyz…keep it up hihihi..

  5. thank you SO SO much for all your hard work!!! i have been waiting months SO PATIENTLY for this release. i really like the quality of your all’s work so THANK YOU!

    can’t wait to watch the whole thing!

  6. Thank you! I love Hyori and I love watching the Family members interact outside of Family Outing!

  7. Good job my dear friends!! You all work hard on it I’m proud of each of you!!!! ❤

  8. Thank you very very much:)
    been anticipating for it:)

  9. Thank you soooooooooooo much. ^________^

  10. aha…thank you so much for subbing this..
    this is the most wanted shows this year..hehee…want to know what she talked about…and want to know is there any HQ? direct link to this shows…^^

  11. Thanks guys 🙂 i really appreciate your hard work…but..links are not workin’ anymore 😦 is it possible to reaupload it somewhere else?

  12. can i download this please??and where?? plssssss

  13. thanks

  14. thanks guyssss

  15. cant open it

  16. tks

  17. How to open this?

  18. Can’t open either.. 😦 Can someone re-download it?

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