[Video] Hyori – University Gayo Festival {Fancam-2} (4V)



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[Video] Hyori – University Gayo Festival 2009 (5V)

MC: Hyori & Alex



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[CAP] Hyori – MBC University Gayo Festival 2009 (16P)

– CAP –

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[News] Hyori’s Smiling Eyes Effect

>> Hyori’s Smiling Effect <<

:: Sept 25, 2009 ::


Singer Lee Hyori shone at the MBC University Gayo Festival which took place on September 25th. She was spotted  wearing two gorgeous night dresses, revealing her unique charms and her sexy S Line.

Fashion Icon Lee Hyori showed once again her sense of fashion,displaying elegance,sexyness and confidence ,during the whole show.

She charmed Alex of Clazziquai and captivated the audience with her sense of humour and her smiling eyes, envied by all.

Translation: Yoojiin | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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[News] Kim Jong Kook “I’m still awkward with Lee Hyori”

Kim Jong Kook & Lee Hyori


Kim Jong Kook’s latest interview about him working with Lee Hyori  in Family Outing…

김종국 “이효리와 함께 방송하지만 아직은 어색”
Kim Jong Kook, “Still awkward with Lee Hyori despite working together”

[티브이데일리 광명=이은지 기자] ‘2009 광명음악축제’의 무대에 오른 가수 김종국이 ‘패밀리’ 이효리와 아직은 어색하다고 밝혀 화제다.
[TV Daily Gwang Myung = Lee Eun Ji reporting] Kim Jong Kook has revealed that he is still awkward with Lee Hyori of FO, which became the hot topic of the conversation in 2009 Gwang Myung Music Festival.

25일 경기도 광명시 시민운동장에서 열린 ‘2009 광명음악축제’의 초대가수로 참석한 김종국은 MC 유상무의 “이효리씨와 방송에서 친해보이는데 어떠냐”는 질문에 “함께 방송을 하긴 하지만 아직은 어색하다”고 밝혔다
In ‘2009 Gwang Myung Music Festival’ held on 25th in Gwang Myung People’s Stadium, MC Yoo Sang Moo asked Kim Jong Kook ‘You look friendly with Lee Hyori on air, what do you think?’ and Kim Jong Kook answered to the question, “Although we work together on air, we are still awkward”

.Translation credits – jklove_07 @ KJK Thread

Source: http://www.tvdaily.co.kr/read.php3?aid=125387898921943002

[PIC] Hyori – University Gayo Festival 2009 {Rehearsal} (5P)

Rehearsal with Alex

Mickey Mouse  xD

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[PIC] Hyori – MBC University Gayo Festival 2009 #2 (27P)

MBC University Gayo Festival 2009

MC: Hyori & Alex



Hyori in pink…

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