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  1. best hyori’s blog ever ^^

  2. i love this new cite!!!

  3. thanks for all those eng sub!!really appreciate it!! good job..god bless

  4. Hi there every body!
    I’ve just known about this blog a moment ago (which I really regret haha)
    Anyway, I just drop by to say good luck to you all, and thank you for doing such a greatest job ever. You know I love you all right?
    I’ve linked you to my blog. Even though I closed it, some ppl still visit so I hope you will get more supporters from there.
    I am a lil bit buzy so I think I cant comeback for a while. I just check out your team and there are some ppl I dont know (maybe they dont know me too hahah). Hope we will get to know each other more in the future ^^~
    Bye for now. See you soon xD


    P.S: @Ashlee: thanks for leaving me some mess, my sweetie. Yeah I know I’m still a part of us. *hugs*

  5. I really should have left a comment here the first time I’ve visited this site. Anyways I just wanted to say that I am happy that I finally found a Hyori fan site. I also really enjoy and appreciate the Hyori subs you guys do.

    Keep up the good work and I know your site will grow.

    Best of luck to you.

  6. Hi, love your blog. I’m interested to join your subbing team. Is there any requirements I must fulfill?

  7. Dear Mandu, you are welcome to join our team! Which postion do u want to fulfill?? ^^

    Catch me over the chatbox! We’ll talk about the details there. See u soon. =)

  8. Mandu, why aren’t u answering in the chatbox? If it’s because you don’t see the new messages, you have to refresh the page or clik on the popout under the chaxbot. Waiting for u.

  9. I would like to try out for translator. I have been learning Korean for slightly more than 1.5 years now. So, I would like to try my hand at translating Korean to English. I can also do Chinese to English.

    However, I have had no prior experience in subbing at all. I’m not very sure of the entire process.

    I tried to catch you over the chatbox, but my msg didn’t appear? I’m not too sure why. 🙂

  10. Why Lee Hyolee fans blog is open to invited readers only ?
    it is unfair ..i don’t know how to get invited .

    can somebody help me ? W.T.F !!!
    why ???????

  11. Hello! I want to ask here is hyolee vietnamese or english blog. i came here want to know and make friend with hyolee’s fans but very disappointed some fans. can you make this make people here use english not other language i dont understand and i’m sure many visitors dont understand too
    because i want know hyolee fans by use english! love hyolee and blog thanks for reading

  12. This should be english blog only. But it’s hard to control what ppl say in the chatbox. We’ll try to tell them to be more considerate of other fans and use only english here…because we don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome.
    We appreciate your concerns, we’ll address the issue with them.

  13. my bad , sorry that me and mac use vietnamese, we ask guest711 to introduce him/herself hen he/ she didn’t said anything back 4 a while that why me and maclamkhue continues to chat in viet.
    Anyway, im sorry about that for mac too

  14. hey everyone. thought i’d say hi. i’m the ultimate lurker and i think this is the first post i’ve ever made. unfortunately im hooked onto the whole family outing deal and can’t shake it off. cant sleep without watching an episode or 2 of hyolee.

    i wanted to help out with the whole hyoleesubs team but i realize i have no talent thats needed. not exactly qualified as a graphic artist…

    let me know if theres anything i can do ;D

    cheers, and thanks for all the updates.

  15. Thanks for the sub. Hyori rocks~


  17. Is it too late to get a password I just found this place

  18. can I please get to know the password?
    if I dont see Dae+Hyorl picture
    I think Im gonna faint or die..
    I didnt notice yesterday was deadline..
    by the way, Im Hyori’s cousin
    I sware.

  19. how to become a member? thx ^^

  20. this is the best hyori fansite =D
    how do you become a member

  21. We will reopen request for the password later. So do come back and check the announcement.

    >DatHyol: if you’re really Hyori’s cousin, know that we are glad to have you among us. ^^

  22. this is seriously a WONDERFUL blog! i just can’t wait to watch ‘come to play’ (just waiting patiently)

    but i was wondering– how would i obtain a password for the password-locked posts???

    • Hi janeberryblue,
      All we ask is you register an account with and change your it doesn’t show that default monster one.
      Thx for being regular commenter here. We’ll surely email you the password when we open the Protected content to new members later this month.

  23. Hello there, I’m just wondering if Hyori has a cyworld like any other Korean?

  24. where can i watch family outing ep 64???coz im dying to watch it..

  25. Hi i’m the one who stay in Thailand I like your program very much.
    So i think that i want to travel and learning with your production .can it be? it amazing that your cam compost your sclip and editing is so cool.

  26. Aska .

    i need help !!
    i couldn’t ask you on You Tube ,cos i deleted my account impulsively again …

    My computer got infected with virus .I am so fucking upset now .
    Its 4th or 5th time already ..Do you know any programs that can remove this god damn virus ..!!
    I just got know this evil virus .Yo please Aska help me !!

    I am just very upset now .dont know what to do ..

  27. Great site…keep up the good work.

  28. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..


  29. can anyone leave a korean msg in hyori’s official website?lols state that she should come to more asian countries like Malaysia,Singapore,thailand and so on for some mini or solo concerts..i am living in Malaysia so i certainly hope that she be here will be like a dream come true ..i will surely go and support hard to see her in real life..hyori is the best!!!!!!!!

  30. I luv u all!!!
    Thank you for creating this website…

  31. How do I change my little icon thing? I got screwed with a super girly one -_- lol

    • simple ! when u log in to wordpress, click on “my accnt” which is located on the top left hand corner of the site. Then go to ur profile page and u can change it ! Gd luck. 😉

  32. i’m from thailand.
    i like you very much. i watch family outing.
    madam Lee , you’re very nice. i hope you will come to thailand.good luck good health and good any thing.

  33. Hello! I’m wondering when will Hyori’s come to play’s sub be done?? I have been anticipating for it since 3months ago TT TT

  34. 期待~

  35. nnn

  36. Can someone tell me where i can download or watch Off The Record : Lee Hyori, i tried downloading it here but it doesnt work ): please someone tell me ! plz & thankyou

  37. Hi ive been a Kpop fan for years and a Hyori fan but never have i known if she has a personal fandom name and color, if there is one can anyone tell me? thanks

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