[GIF/CAP] Daeri in DVD Big Show Concert {Big Bang} (2P/2G)

DVD Big Bang <Big Show Concert> Released!!!


Because Hyori went there to support BB boys.. have hyori in it too! ^_^

Our W. with Dae Dae.. Arrrrrrr >< cutee!!!!!! Daeri Daeri Daeri keke

Hyori: Daesung-ah~ Why you put on make up more than me?

Dae dae: Nuna.. I just did it for my fans who far away from me (stage) 😛

2nd GIF ~~~Die!~ xP  blaab

daedae’s smile like a little boy to his nuna LOL

Ps. I want sister/unnie/nuna like this >< jealous daedae !!!!


Thanks! 봄/CHUI (Taken by phone^^)




C: You&Me @ DCDS


12 Responses

  1. jealous daedae … toooooo xD

    when concert hyori realesed la … ><

  2. hyori with her checkered shirt again, Hyori unnie is loved, i want to have an unnie like her too, i hope dae was someone i like with her,lol

  3. Haha CUTE!! ^^

  4. OMG, they’re soo cute 🙂

  5. haha oh i enjoyed that! thanks!

  6. hahaha that was funny

  7. I am jealous with dae….

  8. u’d thot they r really sis n lil bro…even real siblings arent as tight as them..keke

  9. HYOBANG! =D Anything with Top? haha

  10. they are like attached on FO, so cute always next to each other.
    I’m jealous of dae too = )

  11. so cute 😀

  12. haha.. they’re funny.. i love to see them together

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